Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 more days + some little happies.

well, it's official! an induction date is set.

Monday is the day!

Monday March 11, i'll be induced, if Max doesn't come on his own before then. i'll be 37 weeks. it's truly a miracle to have made it this far! my doctors are always shocked to see me at another appointment. in fact, one doc said to me yesterday, "i just have to admit, i was not expecting to still be seeing you here! what the heck!?" amen, brotha. but even though i'm soooooo uncomfortable, and soooooo achy-pained, and soooooo over-boiling with fluid, i really really really hope he makes it till Monday so that i can be induced. the idea of having Max in a very controlled, very calculated/planned/during-the-day environment sounds so appealing to me, especially with all of his  special needs. not to mention, it'd be better for him.

you see, he isn't growing very well. in my recent appointments, he is measuring in the less than 10th percentile...which isn't good for all the potential surgeries he will likely need when he is born. still, my fluid levels are through the roof, causing all the techs to come in throughout my appointments and say, "how high is she today?" "have we passed 50 cm's yet?", "isn't that the highest we've seen? you poor thing....."(the highest i've measured is 50 cm's of fluid.... and just to give you an idea: the normal range is somewhere between 5-15 cm of fluid at this stage of pregnancy....high fluid is anything above 24 cm. so i'm measuring like four times the average amount, and twice the "that's too high" mark. yeah, i'm basically an over-inflated water bed....ready to pop). normally they'd induce me right now because of all of this fluid -- because there are other risks with the potential force of my water breaking on its own....and yet, Max needs to grow -- so it's a catch - 22. regardless of all of that info,  somehow, my cervix is hardly dilating, my water obviously hasn't broken, and my belly just magically continues to expand. it's incredible, really. a miracle, in my mind. and truth-be-told, i don't mind being the fluid freak. it's kind of cool to be remembered, i guess. not that anyone could forget this big ole belly anyway.

sidenote, why do people lose all filters when talking to pregnant women? like all of a sudden, it's just ok to say whatever comes to your head to them? case in point: this random guy in Costco came up to me last week and said, "oh man honey, you look like a balloon ready to pop right this minute!" and i kind of pity-laughed and said, "yeah, i'm pretty big. luckily at the end of this thing!" and he said, "you'd better hope you're at the end of this thing..." and disgustedly added, "whoa."

like really. in what universe would that ever be appropriate to say to somebody?? did he think i'd feel good after that conversation? don't get me wrong, i was totally fine. in fact, i can totally laugh about it because the fact is, it's true. even my dr. said to me this week when he went to measure my tummy (which is measuring past full-term, even though i'm technically 36 weeks), "whoa, this belly is really starting to freak me out." yeah, tell me something i don't know! i have to look at it every day, and carry it around 24/7! good thing i adore my OB, and that he can't do any wrong in my eyes. because i'm pretty sure if M said that to me, i woulda punched him in the face. (now, that's not really fair, is it?)

wow. i'm rambling.

in spite of my hugeness, there've been lots of little happies that have lifted my spirits this week and last that i want to be able to remember and treasure from this unique moment in my life/our lives:

:: the most beautiful quilt you ever saw.

isn't that amazing!? beautiful!? incredible!? a wonderful friend of mine came and brought this to me this week, and it hasn't left my side. she, with the help of some of my sweetest friends, got together and hand stitched this beautiful quilt for me. here's a little snapshot one of my friends sent me of some of them working on it (makes me tear up to see this photo):

along the edges some of my favorite quotes are embroidered, as well as a large embroidered quote in the middle. it's hard to photograph -- but these are the quotes:

It's better to look up
Pray more, worry less
live your life on purpose
Strength will find you sooner than you ever thought it would
Breathe it all in, LOVE it all out,
dear self, today you will shine
Keep trying, be believing, be happy. don't get discouraged. Things will work out. - Gordon B. Hinckley
Turn your face toward the sun, and the shadows fall behind you
and in the middle:
Do not fear for I am with you

it is one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me -- and i truly feel arms wrapped around me when i snuggle under it. how do you even begin to thank people for things like this? again, i'm so humbled and overwhelmed by the love and kindness and goodness that has been so generously poured over me and my family these last few months. it has meant more than i could ever express with words.


:: my girls love each other, and it makes me so happy. i think siblings are one of the greatest gifts we can give our children -- and especially in this moment, when i just can't do much, i'm so grateful they have each other to giggle together, to pester each other, to run around in circles together, to dance, and to hug one another.

:: little people hula-hooping is pretty awesome / hilarious!

:: conversations with four-year-olds are pretty awesome, too.

leading up to buying some new hula-hoops for the girls last week, i had a pretty hilarious conversation with Ellie. randomly one afternoon, she came to my side and begged me, "mama, pleeeeeease, can we go buy some hula hoops? pretty pretty pleeeeeease??"
it was random and so sweet, but i explained, "Ellie, hula hoops are so fun, but we can't just go buy something just because we want it."
she asked, "but why mama?"
i told her, "because, i don't have endless amounts of money! just because i want something doesn't mean i have money to buy it."
confidently she replied, "daddy can! daddy has loads of money!"
i was dying. "how do you know he has loads of money?"
and she emphatically put her hands on her hips and said, "Because! He goes to work EVERYDAY!!!"

oh man. kids these days.

:: these adorable sunnies -- i had gotten some for Christmas that malfunctioned, so i just went last week and exchanged them for these ones. how i love them...and the little hint of neon!

:: Alice in sunnies -- (sippin on my diet coke...oh, McD $1 diet cokes, how i love thee) i mean, how can i talk about sunnies and not talk about Alice these days? in fact, she wore some sunnies to church on Sunday...and woudln't take them off in Sacrament meeting. i would ask her to take them off, she'd obey, and 3 seconds later, i'd look down and she'd have them on again. yes, she wears the pants in this relationship (please tell me most two-year-olds do...). but some battles are just too hard to fight, you know?

:: thin mints. need i say more? oh yes, i do. frozen thin mints. there we go.

:: little ballerina buns + tutu bums. i just can't get enough. i can't! Ellie and Alice LOVE having ballet together- i've never seen Alice light up so much about something, and that makes me so happy. they are just the girliest, most graceful little things when they have their ballet outfits on....and it never ceases to melt me into a big pile-o-goo.

:: Alice giving mama + daddy check-ups. (still a household fave). i caught some exerpts on video and had to share:

:: these darling bow earrings, gifted to me by some friends on a much-needed-girls' night out (i wear them every day! the most cherished earrings i own) to get some of my favorite pregnancy craving: thai food. mmm, have you ever had mangoes-red-curry? AH. heaven, people! in fact, i think i may have to go get some again this week.... it's just that good.

:: sunny days + swinging + sittin' in the grass.  these little girls love to swing! (and i love to watch them swing, while my big ole self lays on a blanket on the grass) they have gotten to swing lots and lots lately with all the beautiful sunshine we've enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.


:: this funny lil bum.

:: lil dates with my lil loves. Ellie had a couple of birthday parties last weekend -- and so i took Alice out for a little one-on-one date. we got frozen yogurt, got her nails painted, and picked her out a new nightgown (oh, and took lots of pictures, of course! i'm a freak! i admit it!). she was in heaven! and so was i. one-on-one time with each kid is so precious, isn't it?

:: little girls in denim jackets, and dinner dates with friends. featuring our favorite baby girl in the world, Vivian. oh, and husbands who just get each other.

:: Elder L. Tom Perry, of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles is coming to speak to my Stake in a special Stake Conference this weekend! this makes me so happy! i hope hope hope so much that we'll get the chance to hear him. what a special experience to get to hear an apostle speak in such a small setting. and since M's dad is in the Stake Presidency, we may even get to meet him/eat lunch with him. i've never personally talked to an apostle before! it makes me giddy/so excited to think about.

 {image via}

:: this adorable lil face, that i'll get to see in person in less than a week! it's surreal, to say the least, but makes me so so happy, too.

lots of happies. lots and lots and lots to be grateful for.
it all makes me think of/sing:

"count your many blessings; angels will attend, help and comfort give you to your journey's end."

thank you for being my angels! big hugs and love your way today and always.



Kristi said...

Oh marci what a beautiful little guy he is! What a THOUGHTFUL thing your friends did for you making that quilt and putting all those awesome quotes on it. And can I just say that video of Alice "time for your check-up" was seriously SO DARLING! I was laughing at how adorable she was and I loved how she tried each and every tool in the bag, how she responded to your questions, and the way she talks. Seriously. So. Cute. My 19 month old daughter was sitting on my lap watching with me and she was spell bound and smiling. Lovin' it. Praying for you with your upcoming delivery.

Allie said...

Oh Marce, I've never seen such a cute face as that one there at the end! I feel so much love for Max and so much love for you too. xoxo


P.S. Time for your sheck-up!

Liz said...

I can't get over the cuteness of that little face! You are surrounded and loved by so many people! That quilt is amazing for an amazing gal. Thinking and praying for you.
xo Liz

I hope you get to meet Elder Perry. When my brother was going through some difficult trials, an apostle was visiting Virginia and he was able to receive a priesthood blessing. :)

Becca said...

That quilt is amazing! That is so thoughtful! I just sat here and stared at max's cute face. Wow. I love that kid already. Love you and your outlook on life. Your Costco story is so funny. Did I ever tell you I had a homeless guy follow me around a store and point and yell "there is a baby in there!" When I was 8 months pregnant with Bryant? Haha. Gotta love it.

Tiffany said...

I love this post! that quilt is amazing and you are one lucky lady to have such amazing friends...but of course you know that ;)
My dad told us about Elder Perry being out there this weekend! I wish so so badly we could have made a special trip out there for it! Its not every day you get to meet an apostle! I hope you get to meet him and if you do I am excited to hear all about it! :)
I will be thinking of you and sweet little Max on guys have been in our constant thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. Love you, Marc! xoxo

Becca said...

Ps. Those videos are adorable! Alice knows her stuff (except when she put the cuff on your baby belly. Funny). Made me laugh :)

Elyse Beard said...

Gosh, I see a lot of ellie and alice in Max's little face already. He is such a Chapman, I can see it! I love him already so so much.

I am so excited that you might be able to meet Elder Perry. What a special experience the day before you have Max. That, in itself, is a tender mercy.

you are awesome. Will alice give me a sheck-up someday? Do you ever count how many times she says "time for your sheck-up" in one video? I was dying. So hilarious.

As always, love you all so so much.

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

You know, I havne't left a comment to let you to know of how often I think of you, your family, and that precious baby boy of yours. i think trying to say something of merrit is something I can only compare to like trying to hold water in the palm of my hands.

I pray often for you. As a sister to a little boy who was not guaranteed life for many years, my heart breaks. But there have been many times that I have read your blog through out this journey and have thought, "when I grow up I want to be like Marci.." You're remarkable.

Best wishes, and nothing but love.

Ashley and Aaron said...

Marci, I can't say it enough, you amaze me. That quilt is so great too...makes me want to do that for someone else -- what a truly thoughtful gift. And I loved those videos of Alice! Your kids are adorable.

Shauna said...

Marci, I absolutely love reading your blog! You're little girls are totally adorable. I'm pretty sure I would pretend to be sick just so Alice could give me a check-up and sing that cute little song! My goodness! What a lucky little guy Max is to be coming into your sweet family. :)

Emily said...

I love love that little image shot of little Max's face- what a sweet sweet baby boy. Good luck with this next week! I hope you'll make it to Monday too!

JD and Alicia said...

Marci, I read your blog from time to time, but have never commented. I recently read about your little Max, and I am so impressed with your outlook on everything. You are amazing! I can only hope that I would be strong enough to do the same if it were me. What a wonderful blessing and spiritual learning experience. This baby is so lucky to come into a loving family like yours. I can't stop thinking about your cute family, and I wish you the best with whatever may come your way. Love, Alicia (Eccles) Kitchen

Bonnie said...

Dear Marci,

You have been on my mind so much lately. Love you and your family and we are here for you, praying for you and marveling at your strength and goodness. D&C 6:36.

With love,

Bonnie & Jim

LaurenA said...

hi lovely lady:) Three things: 1. its been like ten years and I miss you 2. go go go! I hope delivery goes well! 3. this is a very special boy and knowing how special you are I am not suprised Heavenly Father knows you can do this. I love your bravery, optimism, and faith.

Lori said...

I hope it's not too strange for Elyse's mom to stalk you a little. She has told me the things your family has been going through. Just by meeting you the few times I have and hearing of the endless care and friendship you give to my kids makes me feel like you are part of Elyse and Dale - members of the family. I have watched from afar how wonderful, kind, caring, talented, and compassionate you are. Not to mention that Dale thinks Mike rocks! Just wanted to add my love and prayers to your beautiful family as you walk this path with your new son with one hand in God's hand and one in yours. He is beautiful and I feel the love you have for him from your pictures. May His peace sustain you. Love, Lori Whitney

Jessica said...

I hope everything's okay. Sending you happy thoughts and prayers.