hi. i'm Marci. i post as "Marce" but the 'e' is silent and the 'c' is soft like in face or race or mace....because that's what my peeps who know me real good call me. i like to blog about this crazy life-journey, how much i love food, tv, dance parties, and pretty much anything random that my brain thinks of that day. i also blog a heck of a lot about my family -- because they are my world. you'll get a particularly large mouthful of stories about my two girls, Ellie + Alice...and most recently, our little boy Max, who will join us any day now. Max is a special little guy who will be born with many challenges -- and we are anxious to learn more about him, and mostly just to hug him real good. if you have any questions or comments, please email me at marcichapman at gmail dot com.

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