Wednesday, June 29, 2011

family faves.

Alice is loving cheerios.

Ellie is loving this Bella dancerella movie/dance bar/mat thing a friend gave us recently. she wants to do it morning noon and night. which means i'm singing Bella dancerella lameness morning noon and night. the dancing is adorable. the song-lameness is not.

i'm loving watching SYTYCD on my computadora in bed.

M is loving snuggles from the girls the minute he walks in the door from work.

Alice is loving the mama. she watches me put my makeup on and follows me everywhere, even when i've just walked out the door (M sent me the second picture after i left for YW last night. so pathetic. so adorable).

Ellie is loving her tea cup and floral dishes we used for her tea party. she insists on eating every meal on them and drinking every drink from that little cup.

i'm loving my holga. it's so funky. and fun. it's like christmas developing film. even though i just got another blank roll. what the heck???? oh well. i still love it.

M is loving some sushi. and i'm lovin' me some sushi with him.

we are all loving grapsicles (frozen grapes on skewers. thank you Elyse. and thank you pinterest).

Ellie is loving the little random rides in front of every single obscure shopping center.

Alice is loving standing everywhere. especially at the bathtub with her fuzzy bed-head + cute "make-ed" bum, as Ellie calls it.

Alice is also loving looking at herself anywhere she can.

Ellie is loving the summer sun and spending as many moments as possible in her swimsuit.

and so are we all.

and i'm loving that it's almost the fourth! 
my ULTIMATE fave!
wish i could be collecting candy and getting drenched by giant squirt guns on the streets of kaysville while bumping into some of my favorite faces...
kaysville's fourth is hard to beat.

though the fireworks over the ocean in San Clemente are pretty fantastic. yes, the ocean is calling to me.
and there's just nothing like my dad's jokes, my mom's hugs and my sister's the fourth will be memorable, as it always is.
i can't wait!



Amber said...

Those are great things! I miss hearing your Bachelorette opinions; I seriously watch and then wonder what Marci would say about that.

Megs said...

And this post is one of MY faves. This is one of those posts where I want to comment on every single bullet point and say, "yes! my fave, too! that's awesome! we are so alike!" - but I will spare you.

Thanks for making me crave sushi. If you just so happen to go to disneyland or so cal while we are there in September, promise me we will go get sushi...yum.

Jenny said...

Cheerios are the best! That's my favorite phase when they will just sit there with a handful of Cheerios for like 15 minutes.

I've seen those bella dancerella or whatever they are called things before. That sounds right up Ellie (and Kate's) alley. that's so awesome you friend just gave it to you.

Allie said...

Cute girls! I love that picture of Alice looking at herself in the silver thing on the bathtub (whatever that is?). Tate does that too and it cracks me up! Tate also refuses to sit down in the bathtub...that one drives me crazy though. :) Fun pictures!

Linda said...

You are , as Grandma Marcia would say: ' my favors".