Friday, July 1, 2011


we've had some major breakthroughs around here that are definitely worth noting.

breakthrough #1: yesterday we were in the car listening to the tangled songs for the umpteenth time. i heard Ellie saying something to me so i turned down When will my life begin and asked, "What's up, Ells?" to which she responded, "i want to listen to your music."
now anyone who has ridden in the car with me in the last three years knows just how incredible this is. i have definitely paid my dues listening to sesame street, Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and every Disney song imaginable to receive the sweet payoff of listening to my choice of Taylor Swift songs or John Mayer songs or Glee songs. oh happy, glorious day.

breakthrough #2: this morning marks the end of our fifth week of p90x. seeing that we tried and failed at p90x a few months ago, this is a huge feat for us in itself. but the real breakthrough is this: i did my first unassisted pull ups and chin ups this morning! to quote one of my favorite childhood movies, Cool Runnings, "i'm feeling very Olympic today." i seriously feel like i could move mountains. it's a slightly-creepy-amazon-woman-sort-of-way. M has been able to do them for a while now- but also notices huge improvements. what a cool feeling to actually see fitness results.

breakthrough #3: Alice is having some literal breakthroughs- those top two teeth are being huge stinkers. it's so weird because i'll see the white and then a couple hours later it will just be swollen. teething is a beast. in spite of the teething, she had the amazing breakthrough of sleeping from 8:00 pm to 6:50 am this morning. for the last month (though it's felt like a year) she's been waking up at 3 am ... and at 5:00 am. so 6:50 felt like sleeping till noon. heavenly. she's such a sweetie though. i'd get up at 3 and 5 into eternity if that meant i could keep her always and forever.

breakthrough #4 (and possibly the biggest breakthrough of all): we're going camping tonight. i know, what a miracle. i do not like dirt, bugs, or sleeping on hard surfaces. i also don't like my children being dirty or voluntarily losing sleep or not having a shower in the morning. but a group of friends invited us. M has been dying to go. and i can only put my foot down for so long when we have a perfectly good tent and sleeping bags in the garage.

so a-camping we will go. can you die from uncleanliness or exhaustion? (or a bad attitude?)
(note: i must admit, i am secretly excited too. s'mores, campfires, fun with friends, and snuggling together in a chilly tent sounds dirtily romantic).

have a lovely, clean weekend for me! hugs.



Megs said...

I {heart} camping! Have so much fun!

Jenny said...

"Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time!!!" I haven't thought about Cool Runnings in years but I loved it as a kid.

Go Marci the amazon woman doing pull-ups unassisted!! I always just kind of assumed normal girls couldn't do pull-ups. I sure can't. Mad props to you for sticking with P90x for longer than 90% of America.

Funny that I organized the camping trip but have all the same reservations as you. We are good wives :) And we'll have fun!

ClaysJenna said...

I do not comment on your blog nearly enough. But oh my gosh your family is the dang cutest ever! And I actually love camping :) I'm jealous of you! And after this baby is born I am using you as motivation to get my bum in gear since I will have quite the amount to lose :) Also, I LOVE your I want to copy it...or make you make me one similar...or something...cuz I love it. Almost as much as I love you! :)

Linda said...

I am wowed. A pull up is hard! You all look wonderful, way to go! Chao Talula.

Jacki said...

I am so proud of your pull-ups!!! That has been my life goal and I have never accomplished it. You inspire me. I must find out what life is like on the other side of that bar.