Sunday, July 3, 2011

camp camp camp.

so we camped.
i won't go into detail about the mangy raccoon(s), the slithery snake coming out of a tree 3 feet from where we started pitching our tent, or the fact that Alice cried practically non-stop from around 3 to 7 am. because all that stuff would make it sound like we didn't have a good time.

because we did.
dirt and raccoons and snakes and all.
who knew dirt and raccoons and snakes and camping and zero sleep and fun could all reside together in the same sentence?

thank you friends for a wonderful time!
i especially loved the s'mores, the sunset, the laughs, the burgers, and the midnight chat around our pretend campfire. having fun friends is just the best.

oh and i also loved taking lots of adorable pictures. as evidenced by the gazillions of them below.

now onto the fourth festivities.



Elyse.Beard said...

Holy crap those are some cute pictures.

I draw the line at snakes. I'm glad you guys had fun! So sad we didn't go with you. We got to camp with random Romanians, so that was fun.

Megs said...

Looks like a blast! Gotta love the bum crack moments. You & your family are just lovely, friend.

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

i think little alice looks just like you:)
i was just thinking of you, and how much i love you. so a certain someone (me) might be in a certain state (which may or may not be california) in the southern section. should call that certain someone if you ever decide to venture downward.

Kristy said...

Too many things to comment on! First of all--a snake slithering out of a tree?! Sick! Second--Ellie in her little head wrap makes me think of "Prison Mike" from "The Office!" Third--seeing you successfully camp with 2 kids, live to tell the tale, and seem to enjoy it gives me hope for our camping plans this summer! Fourth--you're the cutest and the pictures you got will be treasures for sure! :)