Friday, February 15, 2013

love week: i love my little (+big) Valentines.

well, i was too busy feeling the love to plop myself down at my computer and write a post for love week yesterday ... oops. but i couldn't have a love week without mentioning the loves of my life.

these two lil spunky sweeties make my world go round. sure, they drive me bonkers and sometimes i think, "how can you be such an ungrateful little sneak?" but most of the time, they are the sweetest little girls i know. i love them and am so grateful i get to be their mama.

 so yesterday we showered them with love -- we heart-attacked their door, M gave all us girls roses, we continued our week of love surprises in these little mailboxes we decorated (a tradition continued from last year, inspired by my friend Kristy), had a fancy donut + berries breakfast, made sugar cookies together and decorated them (with tons of sprinkles, of course), had a jamba juice....survived an afternoon of appointments (which they are such great sports about), and made some special deliveries together.

i think they felt pretty special all day -- and especially loved making others feel special, too. i love how my heart grows for them each and every day -- like just when i thought it would burst from too much love, there they go, making me swoon all over again. being a mama is so wonderful that way.

yesterday, i had an appointment where i got to see this little guy again:

 this was the first ultrasound that i went to alone -- and it was a special thing to do on love-day. my heart has this new place for Max that i never knew existed -- and i love how much he has taught me already...and he isn't even with us yet. it's pretty amazing actually. i love that no matter what happens, he'll have a special place in our family as our little teacher and fighter. what a special little guy -- i can't help but think i am the luckiest to get to have him with me all the time these days.

and of course i can't talk about my loves without mentioning the guy who had my whole heart first:

i love how we always have to take like 5 pictures of ourselves before we get a semi-good one. i love how we laugh a lot together -- at really un-funny things to anyone else, but to us they're funny. and i love watching him be such a silly, sensitive, fun dad to our girls. they idolize him! and mostly, i love that he is still the kindest guy in the whole wide world -- and there's nobody i'd rather fight life's crazy fight with than him....he is calm, yet wise. he is thoughtful, yet sincere. he's my love and best friend -- and i'm so so so so glad he's mine!

and thus concludes love week! hope you felt a little extra love -- i know i did!
until next year--- because you know i'll be back with plenty more! i love LOVE!

come visit again soon!


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Linda said...

Hi Marci:
I have been short on words to write~ I suppose I could just say ... " LOVE" every single time and it be as accurate of a sermon as any when it comes to you and your family. Some people say that VALENTINES DAY is just a commercial trap created by people with the goal to get rich and make money! Probably some truth behind it, but to me.... anything that inspires people to show and give love is a grand thing. Call it what you want! I am thrilled to see the pictures of such darling expressions of love joy within your family in spite of all the challenges and ups and downs, you are brilliant at finding the " sunny" in EVERYTHING. Thank you for that inspiration. Valentine Day seemed to have come and go like a flash. It makes me so happy to know that LOVE abides in the home of my children. Can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny does!xo