Friday, January 25, 2013

a San Clemente Christmas: Christmas Eve

foreword: traveling down + back from San Clemente this time was MAGICAL in our lovely Silver Dragon. seriously, these vans are amazing. so much space! such great sound! so much comfort! so smooth! i could go on and on and on. 

but i wont. because this post is about Christmas Eve in San Clemente. and so i'll stick to it. 

Christmas Eve in San Clemente looks like magic in every room-- including a white wonderland front room, a Disney-themed tree, wreaths on every bedroom door, Christmas potpourri bubbling morning noon and night, and the most adorable under-the-sea Christmas-themed playroom you ever saw.

Christmas Eve in San Clemente looks like an incredible, authentic spread of Jewish foods, similar to what the Savior may have eaten in his lifetime (Naan, all kinds of breads and flat breads, several varieties of olives, cheeses, fruits, berries, fish, and honey-sweetened treats). it was a new tradition/idea that my mom thought of- and was seriously so neat...and suuuuuper tasty! and beautiful (but you can expect nothing less from my amazing mama-- she has a serious gift).

Christmas Eve in San Clemente looks like a life size stable, built by my uncle, in my parents' backyard. it was incredible! the girls absolutely loved it.

Christmas Eve in San Clemente looks like neighbors joining us for the festivities- including the Nativity being read by my dad, (and acted out by everybody in their little roles...aren't those angels the cutest thing you ever saw? and the wisemen the creepiest you ever saw? and the cross-dressing angels the most hilarious thing you ever saw?), Christmas Caroling, and talent-sharing.

Christmas Eve in San Clemente looks like everyone in new jammies; the girls all cute and snuggly in their new pink nightgowns; and the adults, much less cute, but equally snuggly in their onesies -- and ready to play some good ole yankee swap! (and a Pops who tried to weasel his way out of those onesie pictures....but who i caught some blurry glimpses can't sneak away from the master, old man!)

Christmas Eve in San Clemente looks like baking/frosting sugar cookies for Mr. Santa Claus while listening to a bed-time story read by Gammy.

Christmas Eve in San Clemente looks like parents staying up almost all night to make some very excited little people's dreams come true.....and which will remain unpictured until Christmas morning.

all in all, a Christmas Even in San Clemente looks like lots of love, laughter and memories. a big huge, ginormous thanks to Gammy + Pops for making it so special for us all!



Jenny said...

the adult jammies arecracking me up. you guys are so fun.

wafeller said...

WOW is about all I can say. Your mother is still the best, and making the best for everyone else is part of her MO. Looks like a beautiful, wonderful, fun time for all. Missing you guys.

Tiffany said...

Um...I want to BE your mom. She is amazing. These pictures are amazing.