Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a San Clemente Christmas: Christmas Day

a San Clemente Christmas Day looks like two giddy-happy-excited-twitterpated lil mini's with an extreme case of bed-head who can't stop wiggling and dancing (no, it's not a potty-dance):

Christmas Day in San Clemente looks like presents coming out of the walls. and trees. and floorboards. Santa was very busy in San Clemente.

Christmas Day in San Clemente looks like 2 little girls who got exactly what they wanted (and what they didn't even know they wanted!), and so much more! and an Ellie who proudly exclaimed, "i was on the nice list! Santa brought me what i wanted! and Alice, you were on the nice list too! good job!" (i pretty much stunk at taking pictures of the girls opening their gifts. too hard. i finally just put the camera down so i could enjoy the moment instead of  trying to catch it through a teensy little lens).

[the girls opening their gifts from Santa -- barking dogs with remote controls...naturally, wrapped in red for Ellie and purple for Alice.]

[we got for both girls their own Leapster Explorer this year (i'm adore LeapFrog products) -- which has been a huge hit! they played the heck outta those things while on our trip, and now get them in special "quiet time" moments throughout they day. best amazon lightning deal ever (have i ever mentioned how much i love amazon/amazon prime/lightning deals on amazon/everything about amazon, really?? yeah, we pretty much go steady during Christmas time.).]

if you're Alice, Christmas Day in San Clemente looks like trying on all of your gifts. she walked around like this for a good part of the day (since Christmas Day in San Clemente = pajama day).

Christmas Day in San Clemente = one big, huge dance party. LOVE it.

Christmas Day in San Clemente looks like trying out all of our new toys OUTSIDE, because it's San Clemente...and it's super beautiful outside.

Christmas Day in San Clemente = me in la-la land with my new toy....which i absolutely LOVE.

Christmas Day in San Clemente looks like a total war zone/disaster area....at like 12:00 (because that's how long it took us to open presents. in San Clemente, we be chill).

Christmas Day in San Clemente is perfectly magical............and i can tell you why:

this lady is awesome. the best. and we all are the luckiest to be loved, spoiled, and doted on by her (and her other half, of course, who usually dodges the camera pretty nicely), especially at Christmas time, where she is the cutest little Christmas Elf ever.



Tiffany said...

your mom is adorable. for reals! no wonder you and your tiny miniatures are as well! xoxo

Miss Morgan said...

All of your Christmas posts makes want to have Christmas again! Love your little family and your sweet parents. Summerhaze is not the same without the Hartley family.