Wednesday, January 23, 2013

our Tahoe Getaway

this year it was our turn to spend Christmas with my parents/family in Southern California. several weeks before Christmas, when we were planning out our advent activities, we asked Ellie what she wanted to do at Christmas time. her response was: "i want to play in the snow!"

well. that was gonna be kinda tough.

after that conversation, M had the idea that it would be fun to get a cabin with is family the week before we were going down to Southern California- that way we could spend good quality time with his family and my family this year, and make Ms. Ellie's Christmas wish come true! we weren't sure if it was going to work out- but were lucky to find something last minute...

i have to admit. i was a little skeptical on the whole thing. it just seemed like crazy shenanigans to be up in Tahoe vacationing when we were about to take a trip/vacation to Southern Cal- we had a lot of prep that needed to happen for our Christmas Trip (as always does when you're traveling, but is extra cray cray at Christmas time, getting gifts ready, packing, and all that it entails to be out of town). but. M was pretty certain that this was something he really wanted to do-- and so we made it happen.

and i'm so glad we did! Tahoe is so charming. and wintery-wonderlandy-perfect at Christmas time. i hadn't realized how much i miss the snowy feel of Christmas! (since this is our fourth Christmas away from Utah- and it feels further and further away from my memory). we were only there for four days- but honestly, it was pretty magical...something i hope we do in years to come.

my top ten favorite things about our getaway (in no particular order):

1) the girls waking up and seeing snow for the very first time out the window -- a priceless moment

2) the gorgeous landscape


3) the girls in their fluffy ole snow suits (i never got tired of seeing it; kids in ginormous snow gear is a total crack-up!)

4) exploring the snow: (translation: watching the girls eat snow at any/every opportunity they got...or falling to the ground to make snow angels)

5) sledding (which included some hilarious moments of terror from Alice, squeals of joy from Ellie, an incredible workout for M, Jeffy & me, throwing snowballs at Jeffy, and icy numb legs for both the girls....which they didn't complain about one bit. they LOVED playing in the snow!)

6) ice skating -- Ellie was a wimp and Alice had total noodle-leg syndrome the whole time...but it was so cute/fun. worth every ache and pain that M & i felt the rest of the night. (just say it: we're getting old).

7) playing games at the nearby arcade/ playing silly dancing games at night

8) decorating gingerbread houses with Grandma

9) eating delicious food (which i failed to get a single photo of...except for this incredibly embarrassing one of me putting my ice water to my face after getting hot flashes on the car ride home. seriously, i'm getting old! side note: pregnancy is so wonky.)

10) spending quality time with M's family

and so, if you're ever debating it -- just take the plunge and visit Tahoe the week before Christmas. all the cool kids are doing it -- and are having a fantastic ole time.



Tiffany said...

ok, I don't even know how you ice skate with little ones without falling down YOURSELF! Let alone, while pregnant!? You are one talented/brave/awesome/strong lady.
p.s. fun in the snow with little kids is the best!

Jenny said...

i totally want to do this next thanksgiving. looks so magical!

i get hot flashes a ton when i'm pregnant. they come on during braxton hicks contractions.