Tuesday, January 15, 2013

our new car: the Silver Dragon

Christmas came early to us this year- a whole month early, actually! you see, the end of November came, and it was just time to say goodbye to our wonderful Swan.

a sad moment, really. M and i had our first kiss in that car. we also had many dates, including the drive where he took me to the top of a beautiful mountain, sang a song about forever, and asked me to be his wife. we survived many snow-storms within the walls of that car. we also survived being poor college students together in that car-- getting to class on time (and mega late), picking each other up from work or study groups, and even running out of gas. we brought home our first baby from the hospital in that car. it was the worst car-ride of our lives, followed by the worst 365 days of carrides full of tears and screaming. poor lil Ellie hated the car. we also brought our second baby home from the hospital in that car-- i'll never forget M turning to me and saying, "did we forget the baby?" as we drove in complete peace and silence the whole 15-20 minutes home.  we had countless road trips- including moves to vacations...from Utah to California- the Bay Area to LA- and everywhere in between. that car was good to us. but we outgrew it. and so we gave it a big ole hug:

and sent it on its way.

i won't lie, i was sad.

for the whole hour (or ten...why does it take so long to buy a car, anyway?? geeze LA WEEZE) i was carless, i thought of all those good, priceless times, and i missed our Swan.

until M pulled up to our house in this:


i danced for three-days-straight!
(who am i kidding! i'm still dancing!!!)

our lives have changed since having this thing: with doors that open with a button, music that comes on via Bluetooth, and enough space to fit each of our families when we're all together, we are in heaven. did you know that when i have a screaming kid and a cart full of groceries, i can just push a button and the tail gate will open and i have enough space to fit my stroller and a load of costco crap back there? and did you know that i can carpool now? and did you know that my kids can get in by themselves, without me having to bend over and break my back putting them in? and did you know that it drives smoooooth, like so smooth that i don't feel the wind being knocked out of me at every rock i drive over?

yeah, we love our new car. the Silver Dragon, as we affectionately call her.

and just for enduring this car-brag-post, i'll leave you with this awesome Swagger Wagon rap video. because i'm so that Mom and M is so that Dad.



Rebecca & Jeff said...

HAHA! I totally love this post because I was exactly the same way. The Swagger Wagon is the best. Seriously, every mom's dream. ENJOY!! But I know you will. :)

Liz said...

Love your silver dragon. I wish I had Bluetooth in my van. Isn't it great?!

Tiffany said...

haha I LOVE this video! totally jelly of your awesome swagger wagon!

Stan said...

My wife and I can relate a very similar story growing older with a car. And Old Blue is still with us, which is fortunate. Sometimes I think the wife and kids love her more than me. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death myself. There are so, so many memories with her and hopefully many more to come.

Stan @ Jim O'Neal Ford