Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gammy + Pops in the Bay.

back to catching up!

it was so much fun having my parents come for thanksgiving-- especially because that meant that we had visitors! and we hadn't had any visitors for quite a while. we did super fun things like eating out, seeing movies (wreck it ralph), and taking them into the city for a super-touristy-good time.

it was an unusually warm and gorgeous day in the city -- perfect for visitors! we enjoyed Pier 39, saw the sea lions,went to fisherman's wharf and enjoyed shrimp cocktails and bread bowls with chowder (and where i lost my entire shrimp cocktail to a seagull attack- i kid you not - a bunch of 5 seagulls rammed into me as i was carrying my fresh fish, and snatched my goods right out of my hand! i swear, those dang birds hate me. and truth be told: i hate them. there! i said it! i hate your state-bird, Utah!!!!), ate at a darling crab-house at sunset, and ended the day with fried donuts from our favorite lil donut house on the Pier, and a sundae from Ghirardelli square.

Pops had to leave for a business trip- but Gammy got to stay the rest of the week. it was so fun having her with us-- she spoiled us all rotten-- with hugs, bed-time sing-alongs, the funnest baths ever, yummy food, treats, new cozy things, and even helped us get our Christmas decor up.

and as quickly as she came, it was time for her to go...

...but one of my favorite memories while Gammy was with us was at a fountain where the girls insisted upon making wishes. of course Gammy found some pennies in her wallet- and Ellie whispered that she wished that Gammy would move so that we could live close. i get teary thinking of it because i wish that every day, too.


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Tiffany said...

I love that little donut place on the pier! i know exactly what place you are talking about! they are soooo yummy and they practically melt in your mouth! your blog is making me miss the bay area :(