Monday, November 19, 2012

the Primary Program...and a church-y post.

this year was Ellie's first Primary Program at church.

she was so cute -- reciting her part morning-noon-& night before the program-- and then making sure that her teachers (and everyone else) knew that she could do it "all by herself." when it was her turn for her part, she got up to the microphone and heaved a big sigh. i think it was a little more overwhelming to be in front of all those people than she had anticipated! it was very cute. and while i couldn't video the program, i had to capture her lil line on video, and had to share it, too.

it was also my first time writing/organizing a Primary Program in my calling as the Primary President of my ward-- i got called to be the Primary President just after the Program last year.* it was a stressful experience, but also a very rewarding one. there are definitely things i will do different next year -- but i learned so much. mostly i learned that no matter what you do as a leader, letting the children share their bright faces, faith and hearts makes it wonderful. and it truly was! though i'm definitely glad i won't have to worry about another one for a year.

*i cannot believe i have been in this calling for a year! it has been a wonderful one- one where i have learned so much about callings, being a member of the church, and recognizing God's hand in our lives. i have learned that callings are definitely not as glamorous as they seem. they require a lot of behind-the-scenes busy-work, phone calls, and meetings. they require depending on others, delegating, and realizing you need help- because there's no way to get it all done alone. they also require a lot of decision-making and leading, even when you don't know what you're doing, and even in front of people that are much more qualified than you. i think one of the main things i have learned about callings is that they are a very humbling experience. they strip you down and make you realize how incapable you truly are without Heavenly Father's guidance and love.

i've recognized what a huge blessing it is to be a member of a church that serves one another- all on a volunteer basis. i've been privileged to see members of my ward (including Primary Teachers, Primary Presidency members, and Bishopric Members) serving tirelessly and endlessly, with the goal of helping each other. people who put aside their own wants and needs for the needs of others. it is remarkable! and it has made me incredibly grateful for all that my leaders have done for me in the past, without me even realizing it.

and the greatest blessing i've received through this calling is having my relationship with Heavenly Father be strengthened- i can truly see Him working in my life. a year ago, i remember receiving this calling and wondering how it could be possible. how could this be asked of me in this season of my life? how in the world am i going to be able to do it all? the answer is: i can't. and i don't. but somehow, all that needs to be done happens-- and i recognize that is because of Him. He makes anything possible. i can feel Him guiding me in decisions that are made regarding the children and families in our ward. i feel His love for me -- and i feel His love so incredibly strong for His children. i am not perfect. i get weighed down and sometimes think "can't someone else do this...with like, a little more life experience?" but i think this is what it's all about: being asked to do something, even a thing that seems hard, and doing our best at it -- and then He takes care of the rest... and somehow makes us better than we used to be along the way.


p.s. thank you for allowing me to indulge in some personal, spiritual thoughts for a moment. i know i don't do it too often, and sometimes these posts tend to come off a little snooty-- but that is not how it is intended at all. these thoughts are genuine and they are meaningful to me- and i know they will be meaningful to me someday in the future, too. xoxo


Hilary said...

I loved the post! Thanks for sharing. Isn't it amazing to see what the Lord can do with our lives! xoxo miss you

Jana said...

Beautifully written. What an amazing experience it is to work in the Primary. I'm so glad the program went pretty well.

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

please please continue to indulge in spiritual, personal thoughts:) jennie was primary president for the last several years of her life all the way up till she died and i know that she loved that calling so much. you will bless many lives. love you.