Saturday, November 17, 2012


forward: this post will encompass all things fallish. this includes (but is not limited to): pictures and events with comfort food, nature pictures, anything resembling a pumpkin, any pictures with any sort of costume involved, and any picture/event that may have occurred in the last two months in the season of fall (excluding our most recent So-Cal trip...which will probably consume a few of its own posts. sigh).

summary: this is a fall-dump post.

caution: dumps are usually big. i will do my best to dispose of it in as orderly of a fashion as possible.

 camping out in livermore with friends- Alice helping daddy take down camp :: mama + Alice looking a lil scruffy in the morning :: the two filthiest, happiest lil campers there ever were

 celebrating "dress/talk like a pirate day" at krispy kreme...all in the name of free donuts- Ellie was very in character :: the mom crew who each went away with boxes of cellulite delicious treasure.

first signs of a bump (around 12-14 weeks?)  :: Ellie helping paint our kitchen... a reveal which is going to have to wait until we do some...tweaking  :: walks with friends to our nearby park (which have been my saving grace this pregnancy)

 first slumber party with friends (while new baby brother was being born-- so exciting!) :: seeing Brave at the Drive-in...our first family Drive-in success!! :: Ellie jumping like a bean at gymnastics (i love seeing how much she's improving since she began a few months ago!)

 Alice is currently obsessed with her pockets :: Life's most difficult decision on a Saturday Morning :: General Conference Tradition - homemade waffles + homemade syrup = tastes like home

cute sister squeeze after Stake Conference on Temple Hill :: my forever family in front of the Oakland Temple :: sweet girls dressed up in their best heels and bows to wish their favorite Gammy a happy, happy birthday 

 my cute four-year-old who is growing up too fast :: my crazy two-year old who always makes me laugh

carving pumpkins with my favorite people a G + G's house :: the finished product on our doorstep (Ariel, Jack Skellington & Mike Wizowski, who we never did finish) :: a video of Alice reciting our favorite Halloween Poem. just in case you dont' speak "Alice," the words go like this -
i'm a mean old witch with a hat
i ride on my broom with my cat
my shoes are pointed and my chin is too
and you better watch out 'cause i might scare you
i'm a mean old witch with a hat

 Alice has become the pickiest eater...except when it comes to treats, especially ice cream :: the gorgeous Oakland Temple/doing Sealings with my love :: getting the famous Zachary's Pizza after, of which i dream about daily

 some halloween Trunk-or-Treat pictures-- Rapunzel and Rapunzel the bride :: our yearly family ensemble- including Mother Gothel, Flynn Rider and his bride and bride-to-be :: cute lil girls showing off their costumes + make-up :: enjoying their spoils of deliciousness after receiving wayyyy too much candy

and i think for today, that's a wrap. because it's about all i can handle. and probably all you can handle, too!
it's so stinkin' hard to get caught up, huh!? but i know someday, when this is all printed and my girls like to hug me and kiss me a little (or a lot) less than they do now, i'll be so glad i did. 
in the mean time, thanks for putting up with my overwhelming's not over yet!  (evil snicker).


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Lea Tame said...

I'm so glad you updated! Blogging is the easiest way for me to keep up with you 3000 miles away!