Monday, December 24, 2012

wedding week: Halloween at Disneyland

well, now that Christmas is just about here, i thought it'd be a good idea to finish writing about our Halloween! ha. i'm on another planet these days- but i admit that being a Martian is pretty cool. Halloween this year was part of my lil sister Mimi's wedding week; so i thought it'd just be easiest to document the whole trip in "wedding week" installments. (And there you have it- the worlds longest post-title explanation. brought to you by a real life Martian).

so like i previously mentioned on Alice's birthday post, the minute I realized that Mimi's wedding would fall the same week as Halloween, i knew that we had to try to do Disneyland that night. I had never done Mickey's Halloween Party, but had always heard awesome things about it and so i always wanted to go. and can i just totally lived up to the hype!!! Disneyland at Halloween time is awesome. why, you ask? well let me tell you why.

1) every corner is decked out with spooky pumpkins and lights and crazy halloweenness. its like the craziest halloween extravaganza i've ever seen.

2) there are cute people dressed up everywhere (and freaky people too...not so cute but still incredible in their own right). my favorite costumes were these four lil girls dressed up as Minnie Mouses. too much adorableness, i tell you what!!

2a) characters are just strolling along everywhere! we happened to be in the exact right place at the exact right time for Mickey to come and grab my Minnies' hands and walk/dance with them down the center street of CA Adventure--  it just made the costume ensemble/Halloween night absolutely picture perfect!! (not to mention the fact that the girls were twitterpated and awestruck by the whole thing).

3) you will never get as much candy trick or treating anywhere as you will at Disneyland. it was like trick-or-treating on steroids! basically they had several entrances for trick-or-treating all throughout the park. you herded into the line with the rest of the freakily dressed cattle (which actually moved pretty quickly), and within that line were like 6-7 kiosks overflowing with delicious candy- and also caprisuns, milks, apples, craisins, and other healthy options (crazy, right!?). the person working the kiosk would literally grab from the mound of candy with both hands and dump handfuls into your bag at a time. it was wild! who can eat that much candy?? we walked through maybe 2-3 of those stations and the girls actually asked us to be done. "i got so much candy, mom!" Ellie said. and so we called it good with a ridiculous amt of sweets, and were are thrilled aquiring dozens of new cavities while riding dumbo and the teacups.

(unfortunately i have no pictures of the candy madness. you may file all complaints to my current email address. thank you.)

4) now let's be honest here: it is super duper crowded. but i have to say, you really hardly notice it with all that is going on everywhere; from characters in costumes, to music groups singing, parades, special firework shows, and of course the trick-or-treating stations set up everywhere, which drew in most of the crowds. which meant this: we hardly waited in line for any rides because of all the other stuff that was going on. i'm not even kidding, in the 1/2 day we were there, we accomplished more than we do on any other full day that we have gone. um, can you say awesome?? the girls and i hardly even had to wait to see a group of princesses....which happened to include their idol, Ariel. i don't know how we got so freakin lucky, but we did, and of course they loved it.

4) everyone will be happy. from big kids to little kids, adults to babies- there's something for everyone. and everyone happy = best success ever.

(and a few misc shots from my phone:)

Disneyland on any day is always the right choice....but especially on Halloween. funnest Disneyland day to date.


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Tammy said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

I went last Halloween and I agree that it's one of the best days to visit Disneyland!

I would've loved to go back again this year...which would've been even more fun by bumping into you guys!

Here's my post about my Halloween visit: