Monday, December 24, 2012

wedding week: sister goes through the temple.

this was one of my favorite days of wedding week.

there's just something so special about seeing/being with someone who is going through the temple for the first time. it was actually my first time that i got to sit right next to the person receiving their endowment (since Mimi is my only sister). i couldn't stop looking
 at her the whole time, wondering what she was thinking. i'm sure she was more than slightly creeped out. sorry Mims.

but the best moment of the whole experience: being in the celestial room of the temple for the first time as a whole family. it honestly felt like heaven being altogether there; such a unique and peaceful moment. made me love my cute fam even more than i already did, if that was possible. i think it is truly the most amazing gift we have on this earth-- the knowledge that we not only can be together forever, but that we will be together forever through the power of the temple covenants we make and faithfully keep. i will always remember that first day that all of us got to share in that special piece of heaven together.

(sorry for the super grainy/gross phone pic....Court, will you send me a copy of the good one you took?? hehe)

oh, and side note: i love this man of mine so so so much.


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