Monday, December 24, 2012

wedding week: mani pedis & family/cousin time.

one fun thing about my fam is that my brother and i both have 2 girls....which means lots of frills and tights and bows and princesses. well, one of the funnest things we did with these cute girly-girls was take them to the nail salon to get their first mani/pedi combos. they were all sooooo cute! Ellie was so elated to be pampered like a big girl. Alice's chubby little feet didn't quite reach the water in the chair- so funny! but they both sat there so enthralled by the whole thing, along with cute little Rosalie, and Ruth who sat patiently and waited.

it's definitely a huge bummer to live far away from my siblings-- especially since that means they only get to see their cousins once a year, if they're lucky! (seriously, that's just wrong. and i hate it.). but the upside to that is that these cousins do not take their time together for granted- they had so much fun together, laughing, playing, dancing, and everything in between (and all with minimal fighting. miracle!). we soooo wish we lived closer- but are so grateful for all the laughs and good times we have when we're together. (i'm still looking for a mountainside we can invest in to live on with all of our favorite people! maybe one of you can work on teleporting. kthanks).

(oh, and sorry for the super blurry, mostly unedited phone pics. editing is time consuming. and i just really wanna document all of this. so. yeah. unedited blurryness is the best i have to offer right now).

cutest little girl cousins ever.

(oh, and one more for good measure- the back of my brother's shiny head. miss that shiny head).


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