Monday, December 24, 2012

wedding week: the wedding day Part I -- the San Diego temple.

we were all up by about 5 am on wedding day to get primped and pressed. Mimi had her hair dresser come to the house, and my mom set up this darling little vanity station for her to get dolled up at. so cute. my hilarious grandma cut up cucumbers and insisted that all of us soothe our swollen eyes. (my cute Cuban grandma has a homeopathic remedy for EVERYTHING- and it very often includes Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the answer to world peace, acc to Grandma.)

when i saw Mims for the first time that morning, she told me that Aaron, her cute groom, had been up all night throwing up. he was still throwing up. she seemed worried so i told her it would probably be fine. before she knew it, it was time to go-- and she looked stunning (duh) . they were on the way, when about 30 minutes later, my sis in law, Courtney comes running upstairs to tell me she found Mimi's temple bag / dress. apparently she also had lost her they had quite the opposition getting into the temple. but somehow it worked out-- my bro and sis in law were able to get her the bag/dress; and it wasn't long before we all were in the temple together anxiously waiting for Mimi and Aaron to come into their sealing room.

when they came in the room, my heart dropped for cute Aaron. he looked sick. like that yellowish greenish color you get when you look like you're about to barf. but in spite of his coloring, he squeezed my sisters hand so tightly and had the sweetest look on his face, like there was no place he'd rather be. (Heart flutters)

temple Sealings really are so special. they make me want to get married over and over again! (to the same guy, of course. dont fret, my pet). sealings are amazing because they quiet all the chaos of the wedding day  and bring the love of God so strongly. if you've been sealed in the temple, i'm sure you'll agree that your own sealing is the most special and memorable. i'm no different; i look back on my own sealing and my heart skips a beat.

but Mimi and Aarons sealing was truly beautiful- the most beautiful i had ever heard next to my own. the sealer's name was Bro Dyer- and he is LeGrand Richards' grandson. throughout the sealing he'd recite gorgeous lyrics by memory from LeGrand Richards' poetry, all about love, marriage, and happy family life. it was so inspiring, and made me want to be a better wife and mother.

after the sealing, we of course loved seeing the new Mr & Mrs Kirkham come out from the temple.  we hung around the temple for a while; the girls loved seeing their Aunt Mimi all sparkled out as a princess. i loved seeing her as the most beautiful bride in the world, and so in love with her cute new husband. oh, and i loved taking a butt-load of pictures of it all, too.

we left the temple and got lunch, then headed back home to get ready for the reception. when we got there, we realized that Mimi and Aaron, who were supposed to be at their venue, were also at the house. apparently, not too long after we had left the temple, he had started throwing up again and was super sick. he spent the next several hours in my parents' bed--  being given medicines, liquids to help with dehydration, and tons of essential oils to help with nausea. i heard that he even threw up on Mimi, but haven't had the chance to confirm if that really happeend or not. he felt so bad for being so sick, and cute Mimi just kept on saying, "it's ok Aaron, this is the best day of my life!" and all the while, crazy grandma was snapping pictures and laughing her head off (she thinks stressful situations are the bees knees. i'm serious, you need to know my grandma. she is da bessst). hours passed, and it actually started being debatable whether he'd be able to feel well enough to make it to the reception. so sad! how could you miss your own wedding party? it just didn't seem fair.

would Aaron feel better in time? would he be able to make it to his own reception?? only time would tell....

and you'll find out in my next installment of wedding week: wedding day Part II. stay tuned.

p.s. here are a few more candids from my phone:

(side note: i was obsessed with her bouquet! and all the flower arrangements. truly the most beautiful i have ever seen).


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Amber said...

What a beautiful day. I love the pics of you and your sister together; it's apparent that you adore each other. Yay for families.