Saturday, January 5, 2013

wedding week: wedding day, part II

oh hey.

 i'm back to finish off wedding week.... and so i'm gonna just delve right in.

so the time came that we needed to be at the reception site for family pictures...and Aaron (the groom) still wasn't feeling well. in fact, he was laying in my parents' bed, looking greener than grass, while my sister sat by his side, continuing to reassure him that "this was the best day of her life." what a cutie/sweetheart (i think i may have already mentioned that she was saying that to him...but it really was so sweet, and i just wanted to reiterate it). luckily, my uncle was able to give him some meds that helped him sleep-- which seemed to be the thing to help the most (along with all the essential oils that Mimi and my mom rubbed on him. which was kind of hilarious in its own right).

around 6:00, Aaron woke up, and said he thought he felt well enough to go to his party.


unfortunately, we missed the "good light" window- and therefore have very few pictures of our family altogether. i'm suuuuuuuper bummed about that. so lame! you could tell that the photographer was flustered by the time we had lost, but wasn't good at directing everyone once we were all together. must be hard to be a photographer, but it is pretty disappointing looking through her photos to see how few she really got of our family. :(

oh well. at least Aaron and Mimi got to be at their party! that's the important part, right??

and it was a gorgeous party at the most beautiful Country Club called Marbella in San Juan Capistrano; very quaint, formal, and classy. complete with a cocktail hour, a gorgeous sit down dinner, delicious caramel apples, and dancing.

the pictures below are the few that i shot (in between gabbing my head off to family and friends-- and of course shakin my booty like a polaroid pick-cha!).

 my favorite part of the reception was all the decor; the flowers were AMAZING! and the arrangements were incredible. since it was Fall, they integrated all of these beautiful bejeweled/sparkly pumpkins throughout the whole venue, making it look like a fairytale everywhere. it was so beautiful and romantic. i took some pictures with my phone (so not as good of quality), and will share some that the photographer took, too.

oh and these are a couple i took at the venue when we were disassembling things the next day. my dad and i are dorks. but i admit, it's pretty hard not to feel sexy next to a pile of pumpkins. definitely a picture-perfect moment, oh yes.

you can check out a slideshow of more pictures from the wedding at her blog URL here: Mimi's Wedding. there are, of course, lots and lots of other pictures on her proof site, but i can't figure out how to save them. maybe someday i'll update this post with more...but until now, this will have to do.

all in all, it was a lovely day-- with lots of hiccups, but isn't that how wedding days always are?  and the most important thing was that these two are sealed forever- and darling in love. happy wedding day, you two newlyweds! love you both so so much.



Liz said...

Gorgeous! And you looked stunning in your dress Marci!

Joe, Amber, Ken and Ellie said...

Cutest reception! I love the jeweled pumpkins!

Ashley Aikele said...

Ok her wedding turned out beautiful! Love the pumpkins... Feels so fairytail like. Also your dress is stunning! Definitely worth the fainting spell.