Saturday, January 5, 2013

wedding week: the cutest lil flower girls, and a dress saga.

the minute we got home from the reception, i realized how bad i had epically failed at taking pictures of everyone. it is so hard when you are in the moment to be worried about snapping pictures, isn't it?? but such a regret to come away with very few.

anyway, the girls' flower dresses were soooo gorgeous, so the next day, i had them dress back up in them and i had a little photo shoot with them. they were so darling, and i am so glad i did-- i just wish my little nieces hadn't left that day so we could have gotten some with all four little girls together. oh, the coulda, woulda, shoulda's. anyway. enjoy an excessive amount of darlingness below.

 and my personal favorite:

and now a little dress saga for you, as a reward for putting up with my excessive amount of photos of my girls, who i think are just the dang cutest lil things on the planet.

so the dress i wore for the reception has quite the story. it was a total headache to find -- since almost every formal dress was super short, and that obviously wouldn't work with a growing belly. i was super stressed trying to find the color scheme that Mimi had chosen-- there was literally NOTHING that would work. one beautiful day in the middle of September, i found that gorgeous blush gown at Nordstrom-- ridiculously expensive- but literally the answer to my prayers-- super stretchy, one-size fits all, comfy, and to-the-floor (so it wouldn't be too short with my big belly lifting it up). anyway, we got the dress online, and it came and was literally like 2 feet too long (i guess that's what happens when you buy a "one-size-fits all" dress) so obviously, i had to get it altered.

i went one day-- waited and waited- only for the seamstress to tell me to come back because she didn't think that my size would match what i would be near the wedding (the size of my belly, that is- which affects the length of the dress). she sent me home, to return exactly 2 weeks from when i needed it (so that my belly would measure as close to the size it would be as possible). i understood, but was annoyed because it's not easy to wait with a toddler in a dressing room, you know?

so 2 weeks from the reception date came, and i was there at Nordstrom. i wasn't feeling super good that day, but i figured i'd be fine (and i needed to be fitted THAT day in order to get the dress back in time for the wedding- so i decided i'd just eat my feelings later). so like any good mom does, i set up Alice in the corner of the dressing room with a snack-cup of fishies, fruit snacks, a juice-box, and my phone-- and she got to be my little audience while i got fitted for my dress. such a little cutie.

then the seamstress came, and so i wrapped myself up in that beautiful dress, and strapped on these crazy HIGH shoes that my sister got for all of her bridesmaids to wear. like 5-6 inch heels, no joke. i stood up on that pedestal and the cute little Greek Grandma Seamstress starts pinning away at the hem of my dress. i know you can't tell from previous pictures i've posted from the wedding, but it was a very FULL dress- so 30 minutes went by of me standing with perfect posture, and she had only completed pinning about 1/3 of the dress. it was crazy! but she was so cute, talking and admiring little Alice in the corner.

all of a sudden, i started to feel super duper nauseous. like the kind of nauseous that i knew i needed a bucket or a bag or a trash can or a cup....or anything, FAST! i was scanning the room for something, when i started feeling a tingling feeling coming up my legs and realized that i probably just needed to sit down. so i looked at my cute little Greek Grandma friend and told her, "would it be ok if i sat down for just a minute?"

the next thing i knew, i woke up laying on the floor to a whole bunch of commotion. i was seeing twinkly stars for a second, and then i realized that the crazy psychedelic dream i had just been having about hippies and pirates was in fact a dream because i had just fainted!


i sat up, and saw 5-6 people circled around me (in a dressing room where there had previously been NO ONE but us) all asking if i was ok. i glanced to the right and saw the cute Greek Grandma with hot tears rolling down her cheeks-- such a cute lil tender soul! she kept saying "are you ok? please tell me you're ok. i am so sorry! are you ok?  you hit your head SO HARD! is your head ok??"

and i felt my head, and there was a huge egg-shaped bump on there already protruding. yeah, it hurt.

apparently i fell off the pedestal into the mirror, and then onto the floor.

and it felt like i had fell into the mirror onto the floor. HARD. like, POUNDING HEADACHE hard.
how does crap like this always happen to me?, was my first thought.

and then i had to see Nordstrom's medic, fill out a report, was given like 6 mini bottles of water, and fussed over for an embarrassingly long amount of time. they tried to scurry me on out of there, but i told them of the fast-approaching-wedding date- and they realized that in spite of my golf-ball bump on my head, i wasn't going anywhere. so they brought in 3 other seamstresses, and i was doted on and fitted like i imagine Kate Middleton (or Sleeping Beauty, maybe?) to be. and they finished in about 10 minutes- and the cute ladies all gave me hugs and kisses on their way out. the Greek Grandma was the last to leave and said, with tears in her eyes, "i'm so glad you're ok! i thought you died! you didn't wake up for so long! God bless you, sweet heart." and then she did the crucifix signal across her heart. such a cute, dramatic lil woman!

and so that was my crazy-dress saga.
oh the things we women do in the name of beauty!
seriously though, why does crap like that always happen to me?
i guess it's a good story to tell.
and heaven knows i like a good story to tell.



Elyse Beard said...

I love this story. One of your funniest. And those pics of the girls are adorable.

Jenny said...

How did I somehow miss this story? How do you always have the craziest things happen to you!!? That is so scary!! Never a dull moment with my friend Marci!