Saturday, January 5, 2013

post-wedding week: Disneyland on two different days.

the Monday after the wedding, M and i decided to take the girls to Disneyland for a family day. we had so much fun! is Disneyland ever NOT fun?

it was our first time experiencing Carsland, which Ellie and Alice LOVED. in fact, when we asked them what their favorite part was at the end of the day, Ellie told me it was the Mater ride. i loved it too! the only bummer: when we got to the racing ride, they were already out of fast-passes for the day. dang! so we'll just have to make another trip soon.

one of the cool parts of going on Monday was that they were already setting up for Christmas! so they had crews all around setting up trees and taking down their fall/Halloween decor (which was kinda trippy, since less than a week before it was all spooked out). but it was fun to see it in the transition/transformation phase.

 the one downer: it did NOT feel Christmasy ONE was like 95 degrees that day-- and so we were HOT. but it was nothing a good Dole Whip and some ice cream cones couldn't fix.

and one other note about the day: we got super lucky with meeting characters! we met all of the characters below (excluding Rapunzel) without waiting in any lines (just being in the right place at the right time). Ellie and Alice even got to walk with both Jessie and Woody down the street by Thunder Mountain. they were in HEAVEN! especially since Alice has recently become enthralled with Jessie/Toy Story.

and now: LOTS of pictures.

that picture above is of Alice at Cafe Rio on our way home- she was so worn out that she couldn't stay awake. i call that a successful day at Disneyland!

the night before we left So Cal (i stayed an extra week after the wedding), Gammy took us girls to spend a fun Girls Night at Disneyland. we went to Build-A-Bear in Downtown Disney before we got into the park-- and the girls got to build their own bears. it was the first time they had experienced Build A Bear, and they absolutely loved it!

Alice was so funny, though-- she kept yelling at me every time i would grab the floppy skeleton (without the stuffing), and would throw it back in the bin. i was so confused. finally, she grabbed a fully stuffed bear and wouldn't let it go... and it hit me- she thought the flimsy bear skeletons were broken/deformed-- she didn't realize that we were going to fluff them up. it made me laugh!

so the girls built their bears, named them (Ellie named hers Sala Sleeping Beauty, and Alice named hers Pookie) and picked out cute little Disney outfits for them.  they still are over the moon for those bears.

when we got into the Park, i was stunned at the transformation- there was Christmas music playing everywhere, trees lit up-- it was Christmas at Disneyland (and it was only Nov 9!)-- and it was truly magical. nobody does holidays quite like Disney does. it's amazing!

it was a quick evening- where we watched a Parade, rode the Little Mermaid ride like 4 times in a row, ate soup in bread-bowls, danced a little, rode the Mater ride, and then headed home. but it was the perfect end to our wonderful wedding week trip.

such happy, happy girls, who sure love their gammy (and Disneyland!).

side note: how gorgeous is my mom? celebrity status, no?


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