Saturday, January 5, 2013

post wedding week: snippets of everything else.

so i decided to stay home in So Cal the week after the wedding. it had been pretty stressful leading up to the whole thing, and i just felt like it would be a good week to decompress and have my girls spend some good time with their Gammy and Pops. we had a lot of fun (obviously- we got to go to Disneyland twice!), but also took it easy, which was nice.

one day, we went to our favorite petting zoo in San Juan. the girls LOVED it, especially since they got to ride the Ponies-- hold bunnies-- AND ride the train. i mean seriously- it's like kid HEAVEN.

and the simple days with simple things were filled with...

walks in our jammies (oh, to be a kid!):

baking with Gammy:

finding out Obama won (still perplexed and depressed...i love Mitt Romney):

enjoying many, many tea parties:

playing out side:

visiting Mimi's new apartment- which is less than a block away from this exact view:

enjoying many of Gammy's amazing smoothies:

beach walks and ocean views:

playing in the rain:

getting cozy by the fire after the rain:

and soaking in lots of baths, songs, hugs, kisses and snuggles from our favorite Gammy + Pops (sorry, Pops is unpictured).

and that's a wrap for pre-during-and-post wedding week!
now onto thanksgiving and holidays. man! being behind stinks. but slowly but surely, i'll get there into present-day again. i promise. i think.


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