Thursday, July 14, 2011

are people still posting about the fourth? because i am.

you can tell my life is one hot mess since i am just now getting around to posting about the fourth festivities.
i am having a hard time snapping out of this summer-funky-schedule-mode i am currently in (as i type in my pj's with scattered shoes and suitcases throughout the casa. hmmf.).
anyway, the fourth was filled with all of my favorite, appropriate f-words:
food, family, fun, fruit, frosting, fireworks, friends, freedom, and far too many fotos (spanish for photos), as usual.
as obvious by the 'fotos' below, we enjoyed the most relaxing day by the pool, with a classic BBQ and ending with a double wammy fireworks show above the ocean. can you say perfect? x's 10? man, why does my favorite holiday always come & go so quickly? dang.



Jenny said...

appropriate F words. Ha. And 'fotos.' That gave me a good chuckle. I'm supposed to be packing right now but I am in a permanent summer schedule funk... even before leaving on a trip. Loved your cute outfit on the 4th!

Courtney said...

I still haven't posted about the 4th yet either, I just have been too lazy/busy. This week Sean has had "vacation" so we have been having fun around TX, so I just haven't sat down to blog.

Megs said...

can I just say how much I love Alice's swimsuit? As in, I'm still crying over the fact it doesn't come in my size adn I can't find one similar?! *sigh*

Allie said...

I love the family 'foto' on the fourth! Such cute dresses on all three of you ladies!