Friday, July 15, 2011

holga: our Alice. my joy

longer out than in.
i can't believe it.
there are so many things i love about this joyful creature.

i love her love-affair with food.
she is captivated by it.
and i'm pretty sure she doesn't love anything as much as she loves a fresh strawberry or blueberry.

that's my girl.

i love how she sucks her thumb.

i know it will come back to haunt me someday. but for now it's adorable.

i love how active she is. she crawls like a mad-woman (do mad-women crawl?) and gets into anything and everything (especially if food is involved). she knows what she wants and how to get it- which is exhausting good- truly a must-have survival tactic in the Chapman house.

i love how she gravitates towards Ellie and follows her everywhere. you can hear her noisy crawl coming to get us when we make a mad-dash for the potty or for the kitchen for a juice-box. she loves that Ellie (who doesn't?)


i love how sweet and easy-going she is. she is active, but she also just goes with the flow. i love that about her so so much.

i love watching her kick her legs like crazy in the baby swing.

i love her chunky but perfect body in her swim-suit. kills me every time.


i love how much she loves the dada. she says, "Da! Da!" all day. and laughs and smiles the minute he walks through the door. holy cuteness.

i love kissing her soft squishy cheeks. the face ones (though her bum-cheeks are equally soft and squishy...just not as kiss-worthy).

i love that she is ours.

cutest little Alice joy.



Megs said...

Happy 9 months miss Alice! I love the thumb sucking, too. I get a lot of grief from some family members about this, but I just don't care. It's too cute!

I've really been trying to keep my comments to a minimum length, have you noticed?! :)

Oh - and I was wondering if you could tell me what you shoot your holga in... I was using iso400 and all my inside/shade pictures were underexposed. So I've been using is0400 film strictly outdoors in sunny conditions, but they seem a bit overexposed. What iso film do you use?

Linda said...

I simply cannot imagine our lives without gorgeous joyful Alice. This post did her justice! You are the perfect MAMA for your beautiful girls. They are so blessed and so are you.... and so are we. Life would be dull without them. I love you and miss you and hope your migraine is getting under control or that you were able to get to the Dr. xoxox

Megan said...

She is darling!! I wish we could meet her. Ruby is also very determined. Its neat to see how strong these little gals are. Little forces to be reckoned with.