Thursday, March 31, 2011

being a grown-up stinks when...

- you realize that getting mail stinks because 90% of it is bills, 9.5% of it is junk, and only .5% is the cool stuff to look forward to.

- the baby barfs or poops everywhere...and you realize that you're the one that's going to have to clean that up. 

- you wake up early to get the laundry done, only to find a rat scurrying around your garage. so you pee your pants (only to add to the laundry pile), scream really loud, wake the children....then have hot flashes all day long as you feel violated by that disgusting creature paroozing in your stuff.

- your free time consists of making phone calls to your city Vector and Critter Control companies.

- you can't find anything this cute in your own size.

{(the left pic is the front view of this swim suit, the right pic is the back view of the swim suit) and can i just add: i cannot wait to see Alice's lil chunky thighs in that swim-suit.... come to me, summer + sunshine!}

- your lawn is overgrown with crabgrass and other noxious weeds and you're the one who has to figure out how to fix it...because it just looks white-trash.

- you open the fridge to see delicious juice-boxes and chocolate milk, but remember your butt and waist-line need trimming down, not beefing up. so you pour yourself a glass of water instead.

- you have to work really, really hard to get up the motivation to exercise...and even once you're done, all you want to do is eat razzleberry pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...which would make your hard-earned exercise obsolete. so you just nibble at it instead. which leads to consuming more of the pie than you would have consumed if you would have just served yourself one piece from the beginning. sigh.

- the laundry is this high. and you're the one who has to do it.

- the one thing you want more than anything in this world is to pee in privacy. and you can't because there's a little person who has become your little shadow...even to the toilet.

 {yes, i took a picture of my toilet solely for this post}

- the main thing you're looking forward that day is bed-time. your own bed-time.

- you have to go to the DMV. no further explanation needed.

- you have to make big decisions about work and life. and you wish someone would just tell you what to do because it's hard to make big decisons. like, really hard.

anyone else crave being a toys-r-us kid every once in a while?

p.s. my real purpose in posting right now was to remind all of you how much i looaaatthhheee April Fool's Day. no tricks please. or gags. or giggles at my expense. i am wayyyy too sensitive for that. (i guess this goes along with my post...because i'm pretty sure as a kid i wasn't so uptight and thought April Fool's Day was hilarious...but now i realize i'm just a gullible sap and hate being the butt of everyone's jokes).

phew. so glad i got that reminder out there.



Amber said...

Oh, I wish I were a kid soooo often. I even wish I was a dog sometimes. My life is definitely the hardest one in this household.

Jenny said...

the mail thing!! it sucks!! no one ever talks about how lame the mail is when you're old.

those swimsuits are super darling. i can't wait to see your girls in them.

this is my thought process with treats and exercise: you would have eaten the treats even if you didn't exercise, so you still come out on top!

i'm glad you reminded me tomorrow is april fools because i'm super gullible.

Megs said...

It's so funny you posted about the toilet shadow because we just talked about this in Relief Society (tmi?) and one of the older women in our ward laughed and said that the other weekend, her grandchild asked to go into the bathroom with her and she was so happy because it had been so long since her own kids had done that. So I guess the point of that little story is...cherish the toilet shadow?!?! :)

Michelle said...

Love this post. {I'm the worst commenter because I stalk through an RSS feed, appologies.} I need to know where you got that adorable swimsuit. And I need to see pics of the chunky legs in it too!

Amalicious said...

I looove that swimsuit!

Linda said...

Having already been a kid.... and having done the kid's MOMMY chapter... ( of course I will always be MOM.... but no one dares chase me into the bathroom anymore) and starting into this new chapter of almost empty nesting , caring for aging parents and all that will be a part of everyone's life at one point or another... I can honestly say the motherhood years when you were all little were magical. Now, I don't think rats should be ever welcome, but! I still think you are living the dream however chaotic! Oh I will miss you this weekend. I don't know why, but I always miss you extra on Conference weekend. Hope you had fun at the zoo. x0x0x0x

Adrienne said...

agree with it all.. even down to april fools day

Elyse & Dale said...

That swimsuit is freaking darling. I can't wait to see Alice's chunky little thighs in that number.

Hipstatmatic is so cool. I was inspired to get it because of your pictures actually.
I use the Bettie lens and I just bought the Alfred infrared film. It's really cool combined.

How stupid is it that I'm spending my money on a fake camera?

Let's go to the beach. I will call you next time. It was a perfect day. And better with kids, believe it or not.

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