Monday, March 28, 2011

moments to cherish.

today Alice and i laid on a blanket outside during Ellie's nap time.
i just talked to her.
i told her about birds.
and barking dogs.
and the trees.
(which are full of blooms. hello spring).

we looked up at the blue sky.
it was bright and sunny.
her eyes got squinty and watery.
she loved grabbing at the blades of grass.

before that, when Alice was napping,
Ellie and i got out her littlest pet shop animals.
and we pretended for an hour that they were our best friends.
then we rode around our street back and forth and back and forth on her trike.
we ate grapes and string cheese while talking about which princess was our favorite.

i love and cherish the moments i get to spend with my little girls...
but especially when i get to do it one-on-one.
because i'm really there.
not split in half- getting one a drink while holding the other...sometimes by her toes to keep her entertained.

hey little girl(s).
you've gone and stole my heart and made it your own.
(thank you jack johnson, for saying it better than i could myself).

p.s. i'm so happy it's general conference this weekend. aren't you? i love me a spiritual feast. a few years ago, M and i started a tradition to make ice cream during general conference. well, i guess you can't really call it a tradition because we haven't done it again since. but i want to do it again this time. what traditions does your family do during conference? i'd love for you to inspire me....since you always do. hug!



Linda said...

I always tried to make Conference Weekend extra special. Whatever it took! Flowers ( of course) yummy foods! and you may remember Marci the week before was always Millenial Week! ;) We stayed in our comfy cozy clothes and found the perfect spot in the living room to get comfy in. On Saturday, during Priesthood we had ' Lady's Night Out!" Remember I won that crazy book in the Deseret Book drawing? Do you remember what it was called?
I love Conference Weekend... the Spirit was always extra, extra sweet and it still is! Enjoy your weekend. Loved the pictures of the girls! So loved they are!

Megs said...

I always cherish your posts because they are usually exactly what I want to say or how I feel...and you express it so much better than I ever could! :)

I'm so excited for General Conference, too! We always make a grand breakfast both days. Call us pigs, if you want. But when I was growing up, it was the only time of the year that my dad would make a meal because he usually worked so much. And he only knew how to make breakfast stuff. So every April & October, we got a big breakfast feast of whatever my dad could make. So I carried that into our marriage because I hated the idea of missing out on our big breakfast feast!