Monday, March 30, 2009

it's the end of the world as i know it.

i'd like to take care of five items of business, please.


1. wowsers. thank you SO much for all of your comments about my new 'do. it was like year-book day receiving all of your lovely notes (minus the "call me" and "stay cool" and "U R HOT" messages). made my lil heart swell. how did i get so lucky to have all of you in my life?

2. it's March 30th. THE END OF MARCH. what happened to March?

3. i reeeealllllyyyy realllllyyyy despise April Fool's day. so please...pretty please with a cherry on top...don't try and trick me on Wednesday.

4. last week was teacher appreciation week. being a teacher is awesome, but being a teacher during teacher appreciation week is THE BOMB. lots of sweet notes, flowers, little surprises, yummy food.....and lots of treats. which leads me to #5

5. i'm laying off the sugar till Easters. really. i am. my poor lil Abs are in there somewhere...hiding behind all the sugar and junk i keep consuming. and while i'd like to blame it on the nursing, M and i made a deal last night: no sugar till Easter. i mean that's only two weeks. right? i can do it. so, this morning, i put away all my delicious treats in this little box:

and now i need to find a really high place to hide it.

my question: how do you convince yourself to lay off sugar? it's so hard. and addicting.

i got some of this sugar-free gum:

which hopefully will help.....because i'm already craving sugar and salivating over it and it's only 9:34 am. i reallllllly want some of those cadbury eggs.

even though it's the end of the world as i know it, i won't back down.

maybe after one bite.
of one little egg.

i need therapy.


Hilary said...

its so hard to go off sugar. i haven't had junk food since March 8! i made a deal with josh that we would go off for one month. i thought by now, i wouldn't crave it, but i still do. i eat lots more fruit now, trying to crave the sugar-tooth i have! good luck to you and mike!!

The Fredy Family said...

I have to hide the speckled jelly beans very high up where I would need a step ladder to get to them. Then when I want one I remember that it requires more effort than I want to put into it to get one little jelly bean. I guess I could not buy them but what's the fun in that?!
Good luck with your no sugar till easter. Oh and April Fools day is on Wednesday.....

Clay and Jenna said...

Good luck with he no sugar!! You're definitely better than me! Maybe I would see my abs if I went
By the way...I really do love your bangs!! You look absolutely gorgeous with them U R Hot :) !!!

Linda said...

My " Cut Back on Treats story":
So I love Jelly Beans... among many, many other treats, as you know. One time I decided that I would put my jelly Bellies in a special jar... a kindness jar I called it... I would let myself have a jelly belly if I did something good and kind! Let me tell something to you! ( Happy Feet)
I was getting FAT on kindness!I found myself doing good thing for the wrong reasons~ JELLY BELLIEs!!! Know why theuy call them jelly bellies! Think about it! Didn't work. The thing that works best, is NOT to have them, even hidden ... because I always find them, no matter how high.... in a weak moment of desperation!
I went to the Gym today.... and I am certain their mirrors make me look way fatter than I am! Hugh! I need some jelly Bellies!
See YA!
Love YA!

Britney said...

wow, you have a lot of candy! you can ship it to me if you want then it won't be a temptation for you. :)

Amy said...

i'm addicted. seriously. I LOVE candy. I try very hard to steer clear of the candy isle during any trip to the store... but it is not easy. Good luck!

Oh, and I hate April Fool's day too- no fun!

mimi-98 said... i didn't know that story!! woah that's hilarious. a kindness jar. great idea... i should do that with funfetti frosting.mmmmmmmmm..... i would be soooo nice if that were my reward.

Just be...... said...

Marce you won our giveaway!!! I tied to email you and it just came back, will you email me your address so I can send the necklace to you!