Wednesday, June 2, 2010

M's father-forecast

when we were very first married, we moved down to southern california where M sold pest control to support us starving college newlyweds. we were lucky enough to make some "forever" friends that summer. the ones that you wish still lived close every day of your life. well one night, we were hanging out with one of those best of couples, giggling while watching Arrested Development (classic) and the cute gal says to M, "you know, i think you're going to be a girl dad." "what does that mean?" retorts M. "no, no no, don't take it mean. i just think cuz you are so nice- you're the type of guy that could totally be the dad to all girls."
later, M asked me if i thought that was true. he seemed a little concerned. i mean, every dude fantasizes about having a little man to throw a football with or take golfing or sit down and watch ESPN with.
 i told him not to worry about it. it was a long ways off before we'd have to worry about babies and poop and tantrums in the middle of target over an Ariel doll (smirk).

well, i guess it wasn't as far off as i thought it was.
and it looks like that forecast my cute lil friend made almost 5 years ago is coming true...because...
Ellie's having a sister!

i have to admit:
i am s.h.o.c.k.e.d.
M is shocked.
we're all shocked!
i was like 150% convinced it was a boy.
like so convinced that we haven't even talked about girl names.
i call the baby a "he" all the time.
and i even was a teensie weensie bit disappointed when they said it was a girl...but that's just mostly because i was so sure it was a boy.
poor lil girl.

however, i also have to admit:
now that the initial shock has worn off...
i am so thrilled!
Ellie will have a little sister!
one who is close enough in age to enjoy different stages of school at the same time, endure fighting over the bathroom with, and just having someone to play with or talk to about all of life's things.
we don't have to buy all new stuff (M is THA-RILLED about this :) )
i'll get to put my lil girls in matching Easter dresses and Christmas dresses. i've always wanted to do that!
and it just makes me so excited thinking of the tights and bows and dresses and pigtails and sweet hugs and kisses (and all the drama...but i'm trying to forget about that for the moment) that come with little baby girls.

and since i haven't updated on my pregnancy in a while (poor 2nd's such a shadow, isn't it?)..
here's a little peek:
i feel big. like really big.
i finally feel normal (other than being abducted by a lil human who kicks all the time...finally hard enough for M to feel...Ellie doesn't really get the whole thing yet...hopefully soon).
i'm "very anemic" this time (according to my Nurse Practitioner)- which would explain all the bizarre-o fatigue. so i'm taking 2 iron pills a day...on top of my prenatal vitamin...
and while on the prenatal vitamin subject-
mine was making me puke like every day.
even when i'd take it at night- i'd wake up and puke my guts out.
so my dr. gave me all these other ones to try. see if the change would help.
still massive pukage.
so, they told me that i could take 3 gummie flinstone vitamins a day, and that would do the trick. you know. the ones that they make look & taste like candy so that kids will take their vitamin.
well let me tell you something, it's worked.
i laugh to myself every time i take one...because it's just so..well, juvenile. taking flinstone vitamins for my prenatal vitamin. it's like eating candy. and i like it. and i don't puke anymore. it's nice. very very nice.
i can eat meat this time.
but please don't give me a hot dog. that meat is just gross. and Ellie wants one like every day...and i gag when i cut it up for her. ick.
and i still eat about a dozen otter pops a day (and that's being modest in my estimate).

now a bit about baby girl 2:
(side note: i think we need a little help with some girl names...because saying baby girl 2 is just such a mouthful.. and since we haven't even discussed girl names, i'm a little overwhelmed. suggestions??)
seeing baby girl today was just as butterfly-ish as it was with Ellie (i wrote all about it here. i love blogs).
and like i wrote then, i just love ultrasounds. what cool lil things. such a miracle to finally see the little person that is so much a part of you for 40 weeks. it is one of those sweet little rewarding moments where you feel like- yes, yes, this is all worth it. i already love this little alien-looking-human.
back to today.
baby girl 2 was so funny...she kinda kicked and wiggled a bit at the beginning when the tech lady kept pokin' at her, and then she just nuzzled into this little kneeling position with her feet and hands all tucked tightly in for the next hour. seriously. she did NOT want to be woken up- she just stuck her bum up in the air and wouldn't show us the goods. wouldn't show us her profile. nothin. i was like, COME ON. then about an hour later...after the sex couldn't be confirmed, a good shot of her whole head hadn't been taken, and a  profile shot still hadn't been seen, the doc came in...and just like hat, she just started wigglin, and showed us her little face, her little girlyness, and even wiggled her fingers like she was saying hello to us.

it was like she was saying "just because i'm baby sister doesn't mean i'm going to be bossed around. i'll do things how i want, when i want."

cute lil baby girl 2.
another feisty one, i think.
just hopefully not as feisty as the first. because i think i might die.

and that's all i have to say about that today.
it's a girl.
another beautiful cute lil' chapman girl.

{you didn't really think i was going to leave you hangin' without a profile pic, did you?? p.s. what is that black fuzzy caterpillar on her tummy/'s a little disturbing. in fact, i went over to the scanner to make sure there wasn't anything on there, then i glanced at the photo again...only to realize that fuzzy spot is indeed part of the picture. it kinda creeps me out. but then i look at her little button nose, and i get all happy again. hugs!}



Kimberly said...

Congratulations Marce! We're very excited for you and your sweet little family! She will be beautiful just like little Ellie! Miss you friend!

Kristy said...

Congratulations!!! I'm a little jealous that you don't have to buy new stuff, but again, I'm in full girl mode here and it's way more fun than I'd ever admit to anyone but you! :) OP was a pill during his ultrasound, too--seriously, no profile shot, no good head shot. Just lots and lots of flashing of boy parts! These kids and their personalities! Good luck choosing a name--we had a boy name all picked out (figures!), and for now we just call her "baby sister" or "un-named girl baby." One day she'll have a name. I hope! Congratulations again! :)

Heather said...

Congratulations! I was convinced Kloee was a boy! We didn't have a girl name either. We had pulled out all the boy stuff, I made a boy carseat cover, wouldn't even consider a girl. Little bit of a shock when she came out. Good thing we came up with a name before we left the hospital. You have a couple months. She will be sooooo adorable!

Amber said...

Yay for you guys! What a lovely girl you have growing there inside of you. I'm hope hope hoping for a girl, but won't find out for still another little while. So many babies going around--thrilled for you and M.

Ashley Myntti said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! Ellie will be a great big sister. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Love ya!

Torrie and the girls said...

I was the same way, swore up and down that charlotte was a boy, nope! we're excited for you, two girls are fun, congrats. the easter dresses, christmas dresses, pjs.... all so fun! tell M he can get a dog to play fetch with, that's levi's back up plan...:) hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well, its not all fun, but its worth it!

Jake and Ashlee said...

Congrats! It will be fun to have 2 girls! Names..... I don't know maybe Lilly, Madison, Mollie, Jayden.
Anyways Congrats again!

Lea Tame said...

So excited for another girl!

anne said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the GIRL!!! That is super exciting! We're also having a girl. Maybe there's something in the water. There seems to be a lot of girls going around.

Megs said...

Congratulations! After reading this, though...I'm scared! We find out the sex on Monday (I'm a little behind on doing ANYTHING - you're right about poor second pregnancy being a shadow) & we have been 100% sure it's a boy...and now I'm not so sure. So I wish I could give you lovely little girl names, but we don't have any (but we have a lovely boy name). It will be fun to have two little girls close in age - just think what great little friends they will be!

As always, I love reading your posts because I can relate exactly to what you're going through - it's fun that we are having these pregnancies at the same exact time. Nice to have someone that understands & then writes about it so perfectly :)

kristen said...

Perfect post! I know exactly how you felt with one tiny minute of disappointment. I wanted a girl so bad so I could do all of those things you talked about-dresses and such. Turns out...boy.
Ellie will be thrilled to have a sister. Congrats to you all!

Kara said...

My first pregnancy I didn't take any prenatals cuz they triggered my gag reflex. So this time around I started off on the chewable gummy bear vitamins and they are awesome. :)

The Hurst Family said...

So excited for you. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes more smoothly. Please trust me when I say it will be worth it. This coming from a mom of a high honor roll, scholarship receiving high school graduate.
Love you,

Ryan Rose said...

oh my goodness, it's been a while since i toured around the blogs, and so glad i tuned in today! CONGRATULATIONS!

M does seem like a great girls' dad, and you are going to be an INCREDIBLE girls' mom.


Jeff and Whitney said...

Congrats! nothing beats sisters. Yay for girls.

And ps, I had to take kiddie pills too. I was NEVER able to keep those nasty prescription ones down. Makes me sick just thinking of it :)

The Peterson's said...

Yay for another girl! That will be nice for Ellie!

Linda said...

Pretty soon, we will not even imagine our lives without her! Lucky little spirit that gets a mommy and a daddy like you two! Her Gammy is going to love her to pieces. And sing to her.... and buy her silly things, and tickle her.... and hold her.... and teach her tricks.... and make her laugh, .... and more, more more! Cannot wait! Besitos a mi bebita nueva.

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

even though we secretly hoped that you would bring my daughter's husband into the world...i think i'm quite pleased with a bff instead. one that can gossip and giggle and stuff:) so excited for you!! the only vitamins i have been able to keep down in my pregnancy are disney princess gummy vitamins and they taste like candy and i love them:)

lindseyboud said...

Yeah for GIRLS!!! Whoot Whoot!!

Mat and Brooke said...

Does life get any better than this?? Whether our family's made up of little boys or little girls, it always seems to turn out perfect just the way it is. SO happy for you, Marci!

erin 'n phil said...

so stinkin cute! you must blog more about her. She does have a little button nose. CONGRATS on baby girl #2! Chappy is the perfect girl dad.