Sunday, June 13, 2010


after two days of non-stop partying,
four-hundred-eighty-two pictures (ridiculous, i know),
a box full of disheveled paper goods,
two nights of birthday cake + cupcakes,
lots of watching Toy Story two (a new favorite around here)
two full days of singing "Happy Birthday to Ellie"...over and over and over and over again,
wrapping paper in almost every room of the house,
sunshine & swimming & bubbles & splish-splashing with lots of other adorable two-year-olds (and children who once were two and who will someday be two (is this stretching the whole two-thing a little? maybe) 
new toys & treasures to fill two new toy boxes,
two sets of grandparents who spoiled this little girl rotten with gifts, cards, parties, songs & tickles,
and an adorable & funny & crazy & feisty & silly & terribly cute two-year-old who is entirely over-stimulated because of it all (and who has been sleeping for nearly two-hours to prove it)
i myself, am completely wiped out.
i'm sitting on the couch.
and thinking.
my baby is two.
(side note: is it just me, or is the word "two" starting to look like it reads, "t-whoa?" weird how words do that sometimes).
how did that happen?
it seems like it was overnight in so many ways.
but then again,
i can't remember life without her.
as aforementioned, i have hundreds of pictures to go through and share with you all to prove that we partied our guts out. i also have so many cute & quirky things i'd love to tell you about Ellie-- as she is ever-changing, making me laugh, and surprising me with the cute & curious way she interacts with and interprets the world.
like how today she went & pulled out her sunglasses + princess chair (both gifts she received & adores) and put them smack in front of the t.v. to enjoy toy story 2 in style...and proceeded to sit like that for a long, long time.

but like i said, i'm tired.
so i'll save a birthday-post-with-a-thousand-pictures for another day.
and instead write this.
two years ago Ellie gave me the greatest gift i've ever received.
she gave me the gift of motherhood.
since then, she has taught me about life, love, service, patience, and gratitude.
she has ruined more items of my clothing than i thought was possible.
she has taught me to appreciate the little things.
she has made countless shopping trips frustrating and fruitless (often resulting in leaving full-cartloads of groceries for some poor bagger to put away).
she has given me companionship in my most loneliest moments.
she gives me unsolicited hugs & kisses-and makes me feel more loved than i ever thought possible.
so, i'd give her the moon. and then some.
i'm so grateful for this little Ellie that God blessed me with two years ago. and i can't wait to celebrate dozens and dozens of more birthdays with her.

happy birthday, Ellie.
i'll love you for always.
i'll like you forever.
as long as i'm living
my baby you'll be.



Megs said...

you sure do have a way with words! What a wonderful & special post about your sweet daughter. Happy 2 years!

The Peterson's said...

I always find it amazing how times flies. I had a hard time when Cairo turned 2 last month! Looks like she had a great welcome to the 2 year old world!!

Linda said...

Motherhood has fit you like a glove. Ellie is blessed to have you and you her! There really is a unique bond between you two. You are perfect for each other ! I have loved every stage of life with my kids, just when I think it can't get any better... then it does. Life is so precious, I am thrilled that you are enjoying it so much, even with all it's ups and downs! Hugs for each of you! P.S. The pictures say it all.... what a personality!!!!!

Ju and Brack said...

Happy Birthday miss Ellie. I LOVE your sass and enjoyment for life! Marci you are an AMAZING mother. I have told you before and will again and again that I look up to you for that. What a cute little family you have! Love you all.

Kimberly said...

What a darling Ellie is!!! I laughed out loud at the picture of her in her sunglasses and her princess chair. She must love that movie. :) That's how Wyatt is with Finding Nemo. I'm glad she had a good birthday and I hope you're feeling ok. Miss you!