Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Alice's Doc McStuffin's Party

Alice's Doc McStuffin's party was the easiest birthday party i've ever thrown. seriously!
we only invited the kids from Alice's joy school class .... and their siblings. 7 kids total, including Ellie and Alice....and all kids that know each other and get along really well. parties are soooo hard because i always want to invite everyone, not leave a single person out...which is nice and all, but often leaves me hammered, and is so chaotic that i wonder if the birthday kid is really having any fun. but this year i was feeling sooo sick and was on the verge of not throwing a party at all because i just felt overwhelmed by the potential chaos. Alice came to me and said, "pwease, i will onwy invite my joy school fwiends. i pwomise!" and so that's what we did. and, guys - it was a dream. i did just treats, kept it super simple and low key, and all the kids had so much fun. win win win win win all around!

there was a little coloring table - with tons of Doc McStuffin's coloring pages that i had torn out of coloring books.

each kid was asked to bring a favorite toy to give a check up at the party.

such a cute spread of favorite toy friends!

for one of the favors, i made each kid their own "Big Book of Boo-Boos" with their names on them. so simple - just a note book, covered in felt, words written in puff paint (90's represent!), a pen for writing, and a little chart in the inside flap to help them know what to check on their patients.

look at this adorable group of humans! checking out their big books of boo-boos.

i also made for each kid their own stethoscope but i can't find a picture of that....
so for most of the party, they had their books, their stethoscopes, and a bunch of the dr tools that Alice had gotten for her birthday and gave their little friends check-ups. gosh it was ridiculously cute.

after a while, we also played "pin the bandaid on Stuffy and Chilly's boo boos" which was super cute and fun. i love little dizzy kids. pure comedy.

how cute are Tate and Alden right here?

our last game was seeing who could balance the cotton ball on the popsicle stick to the finish line fastest, without dropping it. they were so funny to watch doing this!

then we had cake/treats/opened presents. and everyone was sugared-high'd just in time to go home. my friends love me.

Alice told me it was her "vewy favowite bufday evah" and that she could wait to turn "fwee" again. cutest lil Doc McStuffins i know.


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