Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alice turns 3

Alice Joy, Alice Joy! three never suited a human so well. she had been my lil buddy, my teenager, my singer, my sweet love bug, my adventurer, my comedian, and my baby when i needed one so much. she IS her name...Alice Joy!

for her birthday, all she kept asking for was "da soft Awiel and Ewic fwom the Disney Stowah." she would say over and over every day "i hope i get dat soft Pwincess Awiel soooo much!" that morning, we decorated with streamers, blew up tons of balloons, and added a few extra surprises (i was never good at "simple" when it comes to birthdays!).

after seeing this verry happy lil human open her gifts, we had our traditional fancy birthday breakfast -- Alice chose pancakes and homemade syrup.

then we headed to one of our favorite places in the whole wide world- our local farmer's market. i let her pick out her own bouquet of flowers, and her very own bag of caramel popcorn. you woulda thought i had given the girl a Shetland pony (is that how you even spell that? i don't know).


we then headed to the Disney store where they sang Happy Birthday to Alice in front of the whole store and even gave her a crown, stickers, and a button (for free!). Did you know that they did that? i didn't. she LOVED it! (even though she was a teensy bit shy about the whole thing)

after we picked up Ellie from Kindergarten, we went to the movies. we saw Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 - which i thought was wayyyy better than the first! we loved that cute squishy strawberry the best. and we also loved being the only ones in the theater....and definitely did shadow dances during the credits. bomb.com

when we got home, we had a box waiting for Alice from Gammy, filled with Doc McStuffins surprises...her fave! she is currently OBSESSED. she was so excited to open them all up....and hasn't stopped pretending to be Doc since.

a very happy day for a very happy lil love. love this sweetest threenager.


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