Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 2013: some random turkey tid bits

November was filled with lots of random, busy, fun, and more fun. looking through my November pictures, i loved noticing that most of my reel was pictures of Alice doing gymnastics. Alice has been patiently watching every single gymnastics class of Ellie's for the past 2 years. she constantly asks me, is it almost my turn? am i big enough to do gyn-astics yet? well, this month was finally her month! her first lesson was hilarious. she just talked and talked and talked the whole time. like she'd been there doing it for her whole life (well, she practically has!).  i think watching her do gymnastics is one of my new very favorite things.

i mean, three year olds in leotards?? i die!!


we also got to hang with some of our favorite friends - the Blodgetts just moved to Brentwood this year, and it's been so much fun having them closer. our kids play so well together! and i love that they've known each other since they were born. destined to be friends for life. 

we love getting to go to Stake Conference up at Temple Hill. it's the best! especially since we have so many awesome friends within the Stake. after conference is always a big party with our favorite people. i love the Bay Area a TON - and a lot of that is because of the awesome people we are surrounded by.

during our turn to host Joy School this month, we talked about the letter "H." i had the kids all wear their favorite hats....they were so cute!

we also had Hot Chocolate and frosted some sugar cookies that were in the shape of an H word. i can't remember what that H word was, so i'll let your imagination be your guide.

i'm loving these adorable stories and illustrations that Ellie is coming up with these days! basically she is supposed to write one sentence, and dictate a story to go along with it for me to write. she's cute.

and really is making significant improvements on the violin! she can even read some notes now, and knows all the variations of Twinkle Twinkle. she's very proud of herself! and she should be. i love watching her play, and know i will love listening eventually (said in the most loving way possible).

Gammy came into town for a week! i haven't been feeling too great this pregnancy. in fact, i've been sick a lot. so having her help here was so wonderful! she came and prettied up my yard and cooked us meals and showered the girls and me with a whole lotta love. nothing like Gammy time. we love her so!

the girls got to have a sleepover one night at Gammy's hotel. they had so much fun! they got to order room service and swim at the hotel pool and watch as much disney junior as they wanted. i can't tell you how many times they've asked if they could stay at Gammy's hotel sometime again. 

we are in a babysitting co-op with some friends. i almost posted a less blurry picture than this- but i feel that this really captures the essence of what co-op is. it is madness people. PURE MADNESS.

i think one of the biggest blessings to me this year has been seeing the friendship of Ellie and Alice blossom and grow. they've had to deal with a lot, watching their parents be fragmented versions of themselves, and learning how to overcome some serious stuff. they've experienced their own grief and sorrow, and seen us be pretty vulnerable and broken down. and in the midst of it all, they've clung together. sure, they fight, but they love each other so much and that makes me so so happy.

and they show me they love me left and right. i'm really loving all these hand-written notes i find in every corner of the house these days. kindergartner Ellie is my favorite.

and little indian/rain gear/nakey Alice is pretty swell too.

as the end of the month came upon us, we took a spontaneous trip out to Palo Alto to visit the American Girl store. we had never been before; but we started receiving the catalog randomly a few months ago, and of course it made the girls DESPERATE for a doll. (i mean, how could you NOT want one of those gorgeous dolls!?) after a lot of discussion about them, and then picking up my jaw from the floor when i realized how much these thangs cost, i decided we had better go check it out at the store to make sure this was what they really wanted for Christmas. we didn't want Santa bringing this chunk of pocket change if they really didn't even like it.

well, visiting that store with two litttle girly girls is like financial suicide, my friends! of COURSE they wanted one of those dolls when we got there! heck, they wanted 9 of those dolls! and their outfits and kingdoms and crowns and books and undies and other crazy crap that they sell. holy hannah, that store was incredible, and these two lil ladies of mine were in heaven.

 and then the end of November was here, and we were ready for a week full of fun at Gammy + Pops' house for the holiday. so much to be grateful for.


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