Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 2013 flash back: it's a boy!

the timing of pregnancy number 4 has been pretty crazy. it wasn't on purpose but it seems like all of my milestones have mirrored the milestones in my pregnancy with Max. it's been challenging in a lot of ways because i've re-lived a lot of feelings that i wasn't really prepared to relive. but it's been good too to feel Max close again.

last year at this time on the day before thanksgiving was when we found out there was complications in my pregnancy. this year, on the very same day, we had our ultrasound to determine gender of baby #4 and to see how my pregnancy is progressing (up until this point, i have been extremely high risk due to my previous circumstances with Max). well, today we are celebrating at the news that we are having another precious baby boy - and he is 100% healthy. and as sweet as can be, he even gave his ole mama a little wave. seeing that little hand still brings tears to my eyes.

i can't tell you the amount of joy i feel when i think of this baby. especially thinking of him and his brother Max together in heaven. i know that they are best buddies - and i can't wait to know them both. i am so grateful for the immense trust and blessing God has given me to nurture and grow this baby. it is truly a miracle, and i pray i can be the mama he is hoping i'll be.


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