Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 2013 flashback: a San Clemente Thanksgiving

thanksgiving in San Clemente!

this goes without saying, but my mom is an incredible hostess. this year for Thanksgiving, she went above and beyond! making everything from scratch, using the recipes from America's Test Kitchen. we helped some...but let's get real, she takes this to a whole other level.

 i know it was A TON of work! but it was definitely THEE most delicious thanksgiving dinner i have ever had. and it was the most beautiful too!

my parents invited the LDS missionaries to eat with us, as well as a family who is investigating the church. they are always so generous - for some reason it never sounds awesome to have a ton of extra people, but it was really nice.

 my favorite part of the evening was when everyone went around saying what they were grateful for. some people gave silly answers, some gave normal answers ... but none were really gospel centered (i think everyone was a little nervous to be preachy or something with the investigator family there). then it came last to Alice's turn, and without any prompting or help from me, she confidently said, "i'm thankful for Jesus." it was the sweetest purest thing ever!

don't even get me started how gorgeous those desserts were .... let alone how delicious!!

we were bummed that Sean and Courtney couldn't make it with their girls to be with us (Courtney is about to have her third baby) - but we had a blast with Mimi and Aaron and their new Chinchilla Stella (hilarious!)

i'm telling you, i couldn't quit photographing the desserts!!

after thanksgiving, we had fun just hanging around Gammy's house - shopping black friday, going to the park, seeing Frozen, getting manicures/pedicures, taking baths in Gammy's big tub, going for night bike rides, and going to the beach...the best!

look how gorgeous my parents are!!! 

nothing beats a San Clemente sunset! love this home away from home of mine.


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