Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2013 flashback: surprise! we're going to Disneyland!

so one of my most favorite things we have ever done as parents was surprising the heck out of Ellie and Alice and going to Disneyland without them even knowing it.

we told them after thanksgiving that we were driving home... but 30 minutes into our drive, M pretended to need to use the restroom, checked us into a hotel, and then told us we needed to get out to come and see something. Ellie was so annoyed. "WHY ARE WE STOPPING! WE DON'T NEED TO STOP YET!" finally M just told her he was tired and that we were gonna stay here for the night. she was furious. "WHY DIDN'T WE JUST STAY AT GAMMY'S HOUSE!!!???" it wasn't going so well.........but he just kept playing it cool and playing it off real good.


well, we had these two pretty stinkin' adorable pink sparkly suitcases filled with treasures for them: autograph books, wands, tiaras, new disney shirts/ears, and princess-dresses, including a new Anna dress for Ellie to match with Alice's new Elsa dress. and so finally, we told them, do you want to know the real reason we are here? because we are going to spend the next three days at DISNEYLAND!

there was screaming! and yelling! and jumping on the beds! it was the best. definitely just what i wanted.

with very excited little girls and very little drowsiness going on, we finally managed to get to sleep so we could enjoy our Disney getaway.

 (side note: i must interject that this whole Disney experience was only made possible by my parents who gifted us two of these passes as an early Christmas Present. thanks mom and dad! best early Christmas ever! there is nothing quite so magical as a Disney Christmas). 

 Ellie was thrilled over her costume. and begged me to braid her hair JUST like Anna's.

while waiting for our passes, the girls perfected some twirling skills:

the best part of our first day was that it started with breakfast at Ariel's grotto- with the Princesses! we had never done that before...and it. was. awesome! i'd totally recommend it. yes, it's expensive, and it's definitely not something we'd do every time because of that - but it was totally worth it to not have to wait in a bajillion lines to meet princesses! and the princesses came and spent so much time with our girls at our table. it was so cute.

 oh, and the food was pretty tasty too. (thumbs up emoticon)

(side note: these are the cute autograph books i made for the girls. they loved these things! and wayyy cheaper than the ones they sell in the parks)

Snow White was my favorite- and extra adorable. she asked them, "where do you hail from?" and Ellie said, "Concord." she replied, "Wow, that is far! did you swim all the way here?" and Alice said, "we don't even know how to swim that fah!" and then she asked, "So how did you get here?" and Ellie quickly yelled, "my mom TRICKED us!!!" that conversation still has me rolling!


i have to say, going to Disneyland the first week of December is a dream! look at the crowds: (aka NONE!)

we loved riding tons of rides together. it was our first time going without a kid in diapers in FOREVER -- which made the trip SUPER duper extra fun. diapers just complicate the crap outta things, don't you think (pun intended).

 and before the crazy madness/infatuation with Elsa and Anna began, we got to meet them - and only waited like 40 minutes or so (which feels really weird typing ONLY 40 minutes to wait for characters...but i heard of people waiting for like 6 hours so we feel like we cheated or something)

Elsa and Anna were so wonderful, too. they spent so much time with the girls! made them feel so loved and special - and made a huge deal out of their costumes.  

i mean, these little girls BELIEVED that these princesses were LEGIT.

(remember, i'm like 5 months pregnant in these pictures. ok. i just had to make the pudgy face disclaimer).

after we met the frozen divas, my friend Meredith came all the way to meet us! it was so fun! and around this time, Gammy and Mimi came to the park too. Disney is best with your favorite peeps.

look at the amazing, glittering castle! man, i'm missing Christmas right now. and churros. unrelated, but truth.

one of my favorite moments was when my dad and M posed with Chip n Dale for a pic. that is pure Christmas Card caliber right there!

i always love being with that darn Mouse......i mean, "it all started with a Mouse" as the one and only Walt Disney commented. and it really did. what a remarkable little rodent he is.

celeb siting, in toon town!

true love and sacrifice is sharing my cotton candy. true love, people.

Ellie loved hearing this dude fiddle his head off! Dave, i think his name was. he was amazing!

it truly was a magical trip - and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. we'll definitely be going back that first week of December again. my very favorite time of year i've ever been in the park. pure magic!


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