Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween - Despicable Me style (and a lil Disney Princess flava-flave too)

the girls are totally into Despicable Me right now. i'm not gonna lie, M and i are too. it's a leeeeetle bit embarrassing how hard this movie makes me laugh. so when deciding our Halloween ensembles, we had the idea to integrate Despicable Me......i love our ward Trunk-or-Treat, where so many families go all out. it makes it so fun! and this Despicable Me ensemble was definitely one of my favorites EVAH.

i mean look how ridiculously perfectly cute these little minions are!!

 note: they spent most of the evening in full character, saying "bee-doh, bee-doh, beeeee-doohhh!" they make me so proud.

like seriously, it brings me a ridiculous amount of joy to make my family look 100% awesome for Halloween, even at the expense of my looks and pride (this orange jump suit did nothing for my butt/hips/tummy. remember: i was PREGNANT. but also remember: it's a little freaky how good of a nerdy man-villain i make.) 

for actual Halloween, Ellie pulled me aside and said, "Mama, i reallllly like being a Minion...but can i please be something pretty for Kindergarten?"

how do i say no to that?

since she has been growing like a weed and has like NO dress-ups that fit her anymore, and since the Disney store was having like some sort of mega sale, i decided, what the hey, you can pick whatever princess dress you want for Halloween.

so Ellie chose Belle. she was the perfect Belle! she looked so, so beautiful.

and Alice didn't really need any dress-ups since she inherits all of Ellie's hand-me-downs. but i really stink at not being fair, so i decided to let her pick one too. well, lucky for me, they had JUST put out the Frozen costumes (which hadn't even come out in theaters yet), and guess which ensemble Alice got attached to? Elsa's dress! a princess we knew nothing about! so i tried and tried and TRIED to convince her to be something else....................but there's no thawing this threenager's frozen heart. and so, she was Elsa before anyone knew who the heck Elsa was. i love this kid.

Ellie's elementary school did a Kindergarten Parade - so we got to go watch her in that. so stinkin adorable!

 while Ellie was at school, Alice and i went to a little pumpkin patch and had a date. we had so much fun! petting animals, taking pictures, picking little pumpkins. it was a blast. i love my little buddy.

and that night, we dolled the girls up real good, and took them out trick-or-treating. my favorite was Alice's white hair! and Ellie's long gorgeous curls. both girls looked awesome. Disney Princesses for LIFE!

i la la love Halloween with these lil loves.


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