Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin things

it's not October without visiting a Pumpkin Patch and carving pumpkins.

even though - i really really hate carving pumpkins. it's true. i've said it before and i still feel this way and i always will amen.

we went to our local pumpkin patch with our good friends the Heymans. Jenny, have i ever sent you any of these pics? there are some really cute ones. sorry i'm such a slacker and am a year + 2 months behind on life. i struggle. annnnyyywho, we had a way fun evening that time - picking pumpkins, letting the kids play, and going to Skippolini's after. perfect, perfect night with some of our favorite people. 

look how cute and little Pierce was!!!!!!

Kate and Ellie were so funny and determined to push these carts filled with the HEAVIEST pumpkins the whole time! they were totally cracking me up.

 ^^ isn't my friend Jenny such a babe!?

i remember there being tears over this next sequence of pictures....but i can't really remember why... but the pictures still make me smile to look at.

and this below might just be one of my favorite pictures of M ever. like i am so confused right now? that huge arm. and little bum. and eerily pleased face? oh man. this is just the best.

 and so then we took our pumpkins home and we picked a night to carve them and i tried to stay as far away from the whole gooey mess as possible.....took some pictures, and made some sugar cookies instead. sorry M. i just really really don't like carving pumpkins. wait, did i mention that already?

missed sister high fives for some awesome creations! (certainly NOT thanks to me.).


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Jenny said...

You've been busy on the blog! Yay! Flashback posts are fun to read and remember random stuff from a year ago! Loving the pictures of little Pierce.