Monday, February 11, 2013

love week: i love the sunshine

today i woke up with the sun shining through my window. i love that. so so so much. it's like taking a happy pill at the start of my day.

i love the sunshine because it means we aren't going to be cooped in all day. usually that means going on a walk or a run -- these days it means sitting on a bench or a chair to watch the girls walk/run around....or in today's case, blow bubbles. i love sunshine because it usually means it's bubble-blowing-weather.  

side note: Ellie is the bubble blowing master....and Alice...not so much. she basically spits at the bubble stick the whole time. pretty hilarious.

i love the sunshine because it means that the girls can get out and burn off some energy. they love to ride bikes together -- Alice actually even just pedaled on her trike for the first time! go Alice! she stinks at it, though, and still prefers me to push her. lucky me.

for Christmas i think i mentioned that we found a play-structure for mega cheap off craigslist (i LOVE when that happens). so we got it all set up for the kids before we left town...and are just now getting some good use out of it. i love the sunny days that i can just send them out to play on it -- and man, they love that thing! they love the swings and the slide -- and they mostly play really well together on it. i love love love that play structure.

i love the sunshine because it means that i get to feel totally justified in wearing my sunnies + sandals. and i LOVE wearing sunnies + sandals.

and i love this little pillow M and i bought this weekend which brings a little ray of sunshine inside my lil casa every time i look at it.

love love love that good ole mr. Sunshine.

come back for more loves tomorrow? love-ly.

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Tiffany said...

I LOVE the black and white pic of your little lovelies kissing on the play set in the backyard ;)

Tara said...

I am seriously contemplating which my kids would enjoy better - a play structure or a trampoline. Can I say that you're girls just might have made that decision for me? You guys are so cute!