Sunday, February 10, 2013

welcome to love week 2013: i love Sundays

well i hope you're getting used to the phrase "better late than never" from me these days.....since that seems to be my motto. but i couldn't let this one slip totally out of my fingers....because i LOVE love week! and so here i am, ready to jump on the love wagon....even though it's a couple of days late.

today i'm loving Sundays. i love dressing my girls up in their Sunday dresses -- in today's case, in their fluffy pink cupcake dresses. i love that they love being girly and frilly. it is so fun having girls.

i love going and serving my heart out on Sundays. teaching the children, singing my favorite songs, and feeling the spirit motivating me to be better in the following week. i especially love hearing the things children say -- they speak purely and from the heart. one thing we are doing this year as a primary is filling a jar with warm fuzzies that represent ways that we've noticed Heavenly Father loves us. today, my eyes were wet several times hearing what examples they gave. i love the sweet children so so much.

and then, my favorite moment of the whole week is coming home after church. i love cozying up on the couch to veg for a long, long time.....knowing there isn't anyone who needs me or anywhere i have to be for the rest of the day.

i love Sundays because we always eat something yummy. today tasted like my Cuban home -- cuban black beans, picadillo, white rice and plantains. mmmmmm. i love Cuban food.

i love how Sundays always include some sort of yummy treat. tonight i didn't have the energy to make it ended with my favorite ice cream of late -- Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie. Peppermint ice cream + oreo chunks??!! how did i not know this existed till a few weeks ago? i'm glad i didn't or i'm sure that i'd be a major chubster...even more than this pregnant girl already is. but man this stuff is insanely good.

and lately, i love Sundays an extra whole lot because they always end with Downton Abbey -- my favorite show, along with the rest of the female population. seriously though, i adore this show. the dresses, the music, the story, the cast -- everything is from a dream. a dream i love escaping to so, so much.

and those are my loves for today -- more loves tomorrow, and all week! let me know if you're joining in on the love and i'll link up with you....till then, you can read some of my friends' loves here:



Elyse Beard said...

your love weeks are my very favorite.

Tiffany said...

every girl I know is obsessed with Downton Abbey, why have I not jumped on the bandwagon yet!? I love your girls frilly pink cupcake dresses! I need a little girl STAT! I'm so happy you're doing LOVE WEEK! :)

Jana Weaver said...

i love how you "share the love". Happy love week.