Tuesday, February 12, 2013

love week: i love lil ballerinas

for those of you who follow me on instagram, you know that i'm getting a little out of control when it comes to posting pictures of my girls in their ballet stuff.... but i can't help it! i LOVE little ballerinas!! they are truly one of my very favorite things. who doesn't love seeing lil girls in buns + tutus? seriously the darlingest thing. and having my very own little ballerinas?? oh man. perpetual cuteness overload.

 this is Ellie's third year of ballet, and she has made huge improvements! her skinny lil tush and legs look so beautiful dancing all around. and she loves it! so so much. in fact, when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up these days, she'll tell you that she wants to be a ballerina. i miss being four so badly.

last week, Alice had the best day of her life when she got to join the class, too! this is the first activity that she has done that is "hers" and she is in heaven.  she seriously talks about "ba-yay" allllllllll the time -- it is the cutest thing. i've gotten to stay for a few minutes of each lesson to watch/make sure that she's ok, and she literally chassés and squeals around the entire time. i've never seen her so twitterpated over something.

and so, tuesdays have become one of my very favorite days of the week -- the day i get to see my ruffly, frilly, bunheads in tights and leotards. seriously makes me smile like no other -- and gives me no choice but to take a gazillion pictures so i can remember their cuteness forever and ever.

 oh and a few outtakes -- because let's be real -- not every moment is graceful when a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old are involved.

oh man. i just love my lil ballerinas.

hope you're feeling a lil extra love this week --  i'll be back with more loves to share mañana!



Elyse Beard said...

possibly my most favorite post ever. If your girls weren't already the cutest little girls to ever grace the planet, They are now as ballerinas. I love them as ballerinas, and Alice is killing me with it! Seriously dying over here in my hospital bed at 6:30 AM. I'm trying to laugh...but my neck brace is impeding me. That's a funny sight.

My point? this post is something i looooooooove.

Tiffany said...

i love this post! btw is that a picture of Ellie yawning mid-plie?? (is that how you spell it? pleeeee-ay??) anyways, ya know what I love most about these pics? (besides how ridiculously adorable your little girls are!) I love how you can just tell how much Alice idolizes her big sister! Its the sweetest thing ever!

Ashley Aikele said...

I think you could post about these girls being ballerinas everyday and I'd be happy. Seriously, it doesn't get any cuter than mini ballerinas. Love those little girls!

Faye said...

I don't know how you do it - take these gorgeous pictures, write inspiring posts, take care of your family, and go to frequent Dr's appointments - you are truly wonder woman!!!

Liz said...

I love your little ballerinas! I love the picture of Ellie yawning too. Such sweet girls.

ps. how do you get the love week on your picture?