Monday, August 20, 2012

holga: little friends.

thinking back to when i was a little girl, i remember my life being full of other little people. my mom always had a day-care, and then a preschool, that she ran out of our little homes. naturally all of those little day care and preschool kids became my best friends. i remember going to the zoo with them, having sleep-overs, watching the Little Mermaid, playing with play-dough and singing lots and lots of songs together. my family (my mom, specifically) still keeps in touch with most of those little people- and i love hearing what my friends from my four-year-old life are up to today.

i like to think that Ellie and Alice are equally blessed with lots of wonderful little people in their lives. while i don't run a day-care or a preschool out of my home, we have done joy schools, ballet, park groups and many play dates with little friends that both Ellie and Alice adore, and whom i adore just as much! little friends are just the cutest thing- and i'd like to think that in 20-25 years, they'll all still keep in touch and remember fun memories of joy school, dance recitals, and lots of fun in the sun together, just like i do of my little childhood friends.

{pictures taken on a family hike on the 24th of July with our friends the Heymans}



Jenny said...

these pictures are so sweet! my girls sure love Ellie and Alice!

Linda said...

I am so happy to know that you are surrounded by good people~ the kind that you want to keep and remember forever. Isn't it wonderful that good will win in the end.... good little friends, good big friends, ... GOODNESS does win in the end. I hope my mind stays with me long enough to keep remembering all the good people in my life ~ and that at some point I can meet all the good people in yours! My memories and my heart is mostly filled with YOU. Love you all.

Allie said...

An adorable group of little chicas! I hope one day I get one just like them.