Thursday, August 23, 2012


that's what i am.
abducted for the third time.

freaking out!
wondering what the heck we were thinking!

M's emotions:
verbatim to mine.

girls' emotions:
100% thrilled. Alice lifts my shirt up and says "baby" multiple times throughout the day. i don't think she really gets it, but she talks about it. Ellie keeps telling me it's a baby brother. i keep telling her that it might be, but it also might not be. we don't get to choose. and then yesterday she said to me, "Mama, how will you know if it is a brother or a sister? will the picture turn pink if its a sister?" oh, how i love little four year old minds.

a few deets:
i'm somewhere between 9 & 10 weeks along. they're having a hard time giving me an exact due date because for some reason in my first ultra-sound the baby was measuring small. yesterday the baby seemed to have caught up some to what i originally thought- so we will reassess in a few weeks. baby will come mid-end March. i'm thinking like the 23rd ish? who knows right. 

the honest truth:
i've been the sickest this time around. and i think, really? is this whole pregnancy thing really necessary, again? i mean, i've already done this twice. can't the stork come this time? and if not, can't it at least be like the other ones? now i know am blessed that i am not as sick as some. in fact, M's aunt is currently pregnant and has to be on IV's the whole 9 months (and has done the same for her previous FOUR pregnancies) because she can't stomach even water. isn't that awful? she's my hero. and i'm whining about persistent nausea. i'm a butthead. but still, it just stinks to not feel like yourself. and i have this totally bizarre fear that i am going to get ginormously fat this time because i seriously don't move all day. i heard this story from a friend-surgeon of ours who worked out of Oakland, and this guy was so huge and had some health they had to lift him out of his house by crane. BY CRANE, people! and so i've been having these dreams the last few nights that because i just laid around this whole pregnancy, i got so huge that they had to lift me out of my house by a crane to deliver the baby. it was so awful and humiliating. dramatic? sure. i guess i'm just looking forward to being productive again, for my house to not be a monstrous disaster, and for me to be a little less mangy all the time. and, for the record, i refuse to be the woman brought to a delivery room by crane.

the upside:
we're having a baby! we will have another cute lil human to fall in love with, who is night and day different from the two who have already stolen our hearts. it's a miracle, and we feel so blessed. other pluses: i stay in my pj's almost all day long and feel justified. it's pretty awesome. i mean, last week i created arms. ARMS, people! that's pretty legit. the girls are getting a little stir crazy, but they are playing so cute together now (right now Ellie is reading to Alice. i love it. yesterday Alice laid her head on Ellie's lap while she played with her hair. i died.) and so little moments like that make me feel a little less bad for laying like a zombie on the floor. and, i just eat bread- oh and watermelon. because that's all i can stomach. but it's pretty awesome because bread and fruit are like my favorite foods. oh and jamba juices are pretty awesome too. so it's not so bad. i guess i'm kind of living life. kind of.

so that's the news. another baby chappy earthly invasion coming March 2013. and then we will be outnumbered forever.

it's gonna be great.



Coco said...

Congrats!!! Is it weird that I totally had a feeling? It wasn't anything you said or blogged about but I just felt it. Yay for your family!

Kristy said...

Congratulations!!! I hope you get to feeling more human soon! :)

Adrienne said...

Love this post title

Jenny said...

I'm sorry you are feeling crappy but I am so excited that it's because you're growing another adorable member of the Chapman family!

Liz said...

I'm so excited for your little family! I hope you start feeling better real soon.

{amy k.} said...

so excited for you guys! sorry you've been feelin so yucky! i can definitely relate. but, the good news (or so i'm told haha) is it is all worth it in the end! how exciting to be adding to your cute family!

Ashley Myntti said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you. :)

Marissa said...

Yea again! I am so much more sick this time around too. I keep thinking, do I just not remember what it was like? But I swear I was never this sick before. I hope you start feeling better soon!

Jana said...

Yes, so great! So happy for you and your family. Good luck with the sickness; I hate to tell you but my 3rd pregnancy was by far the hardest. Congratulations!

Elyse.Beard said...

ARMS PEOPLE!!! hahaha. That is the best quote ever, by far. Love this chappy invasion. I hope you get feeling better soon!

Allie said...

It's like Coach Carr said, " will get pregnant, and DIE!" (mean girls is always applicable) I hope you are feeling better ASAP. Can't wait to see the little it!

Tiffany said...

I love this post! I'm so happy and excited for you guys! But I hope you start feeling better soon! :( constant nausea is THE WORST! But babies are THE BEST! :)

Jessica said...

Congrats on being abducted! I'm going to be living vicariously through you because I'm not planning on being abducted myself anytime soon. :p Good luck!

Mat and Brooke said...

I just read "Coco,s" comment, and I have to agree! I've kind of had a feeling the past several weeks that baby number three might be on it's way to you, my beautiful friend!

Three children will be more beautiful and wonderful than you can begin to imagine! Being outnumbered has it's difficulties for sure--but the joy in having three little ones will make it all worth the headaches. :)

You are amazing, Marci! Hang in there during this yucky first trimester. Being pregnant is no fun at all sometimes...

I love you!!!


Erika said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! Maybe it's a boy since you've been the sickest with this one. Who knows, right? I hope it all goes well.