Friday, June 8, 2012

Ellie Week: little buddy.

one of my favorite things about Ellie these days is that she is my little buddy.

she loves to be my helper- wiping down tables and counter-tops, cleaning the bathrooms, washing dishes and putting away the dishwasher. she loves to do big-girl things- and is quite the little domestic chica (if only she were so good at cleaning up her play room. i'm fairly certain i attain 5 new gray hairs each day trying to convince her to clean up that dang tornado she makes every. single. time. i want to throw every toy in the trash!! especially the itty bitty ones. blast those itty bitty shoes.).

since she doesn't nap anymore, and only lasts in quiet time for so long, we get a lot of time together.
sometimes, when i'm in my "gotta-get-things-done" mode, or "stressed-out" zone, i find myself getting annoyed at having to change one more princess dress or combing all the tangles out so she can brush the Rapunzel hair (curse that Rapunzel hair!) or having to pretend to be the cashier for the seventh time in that 10 minute time-span. why do i get annoyed? i'm embarrassed that i get annoyed.

then there are days that she quietly plays, and doesn't come out, and i miss her and have to go peek in on what she's doing and why she doesn't need me.

and my favorite days are when she just can't stand to be in quiet time for more than 3 minutes and sneaks her way to where my feet are below the computer and quietly colors while interjecting invigorating questions like "what is your favorite color, Mama?" (for the kajillionth time). i love that she wants to be near me and try at having sophisticated conversations. because even though all-too-often i get in mom-mode, i want to be near her too. every time she goes to bed and a few minutes have passed without her around, i find myself missing my little buddy who thinks i'm the smartest woman in the world.

today she helped me paint some little treasure chests for her Mermaid Birthday Party tomorrow. she was so thrilled and kept asking me every three seconds, "are you having fun, Mom!? this is so FUN! i love painting with you. thanks for painting with me, Mom." and it was fun sitting there with paint on our fingers and arms and even in our hair. i always tried to imagine and dream what it might be like to have kids someday; my imaginations and dreams were so different from how it really is- but in such a good way; because i would have never dreamt that i'd have such a loving little person in my life, who loves to have cute little conversations about why Ariel is the best princess, and most importantly, who loves to be with me. she's such a sweet lil buddy and i'm lucky she's mine.



Jana said...

Don't feel too bad about getting annoyed, we are all human. I get annoyed too sometimes.

Linda said...

Two of the cutest buddies on the planet.