Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ellie Week: little kind heart.

yesterday the girls were eating breakfast together and Alice spilled some Cheerios and milk on herself. Alice really hates it when she spills things, especially on herself, and so she started crying and was super upset. immediately, i heard Ellie run around the table to Alice's rescue and say, "are you ok sweetheart? don't be sad, Alice. it's ok to spill. it was just a ask-a-dent." and then she got a napkin and helped wipe her up. before i knew it, Alice's tears were gone and they were back to their Cheerios, talking about Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and how Ellie isn't afraid of Cap'n Hook anymore because he's just pretend (even though she leaves the room any time Cap'n Hook comes on the screen).

i love it little moments like these where i can see that golden, kind little heart of Ellie's shining through. she's a little nurturer by nature- and that's one of my very favorite things about her.


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Linda said...

I have absolutely loved reading and re-reading these loving posts from a wonderful and adoring Mama Marci. It does my soul good to know that Ellie and Alice are your world! It does my soul so good to feel the love between you all. It does my soul so good to know that you are enjoying the crazy . chaotic parenting journey! with all it's ups and downs and everything in between. I start getting a little sad because we are far and every time I see another picture of the girls they are so big! But I try to shake it off and count my blessings which are far more than I deserve. You are all among our most important and precious blessings.
I love every post and every word so eloquently expressed which helps me in a way feel a part of your wonderful life! Thank You for that and for being who and how you are! Happy 4th Birthday to beautiful, smart, unique and darling Ellie and hugs and kisses to every one of you . We miss you and promise to see you soon.
Mucho, mucho amor.