Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ellie Week: little fish.

oh! sorry i'm so late! got busy doing important things like swimming and partying all day. (rough life i lead). which brings me to my Ellie-ism of the day:

this little girl is a total fish. she asks to swim about a billion times a day- which i totally love. because next to little girls in tutus, little girls in swimsuits is my fave. i mean, all the ruffles and polka darling! not to mention how wonderful it is to soak up the sun, keep cool in the water...all while my house stays clean at home (orrr....just as messy as it was when i left it, like today).

can't wait to get this little fish started in swim lessons in a few weeks and ditch those floaties!
man, isn't summer the best?



Lea Tame said...

Summer and swimming is perfect!

Linda said...

Swimming at Gammys! yes?