Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ellie Week: little ballerina

welcome to my annual (and sometimes semi-annual) Ellie Week!

note: i started Ellie week a few years ago with the intent of sharing some little Ellie-ism each day leading up until her birthday. i actually love going back to read my Ellie Week posts to see how much she's grown and changed- and yet how much she's still the same! i obviously love and adore this little girl who gave me my greatest treasure and calling in life: becoming a mom. so, without further adieu, welcome to Ellie Week, 2012 edition.

i think Ellie's very favorite thing about her life right now is her dance class. it's kind of my favorite thing about Ellie's life right now, too. i mean, does it get much cuter than seeing a little tiny ballerina in a tutu? i just don't think it does.

Ellie's teacher is so darling/kind/amazing. she's the kind of person you look at and think: "are you real? do people that nice really exist?" and she does! she is just that wonderful. we actually have her little daughter Katherine in our joy school group- and so i've been able to associate with her a lot this year. i cant' say enough good about her- other than giving her the highest compliment of all: Ellie is over the moon for her.

last weekend we had her little recital. oh! it was so cute. they wore foofie white tutus with an American Flag sash, galloped across the stage with little horses, then stood on these little circles where they all performed the positions. Ellie knew her little parts so well- i was so proud! and Ellie was so proud of herself! they also did this huge group number with sticks- it was so fun seeing Ellie and all those little girls twirling and dancing together. it really was just the cutest thing. have i mentioned that i think little ballerinas are just the cutest thing?

well, they are.
especially my little ballerina.
(ok, i might be a litttttle biased...)

enjoy the pictures/video below (note: the video is only a partial video! M's camera ran out of space...does anyone have it recorded? i'd love it. the little girls doing the positions was my favorite part and we missed it! let me know)!

annnddd of course, stay tuned all week for more Ellie-isms to come!



Liz said...

Okay that was the most adorable post, pictures of Ellie! What a doll.

Jenny said...

That Ellie is just too cute! The first black and white picture where she's in focus with her hands on her cheeks and the other girls are blurred in the it!

Elyse.Beard said...

Freak I love these. I hop Viv grows up to be 1/3 as cute as Ellie

Lea Tame said...

So adorbs!

Candice said...

I love it! We might have more video, I will have to upload. We just spend the morning watching your video on repeat!

Linda said...

warm tears of joy! Love this little ballerina.... miss my beautiful grand daughters~ All of them! These pictures are fabulous!