Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hello June!

June is always a crazzzy month around here; activities wrapping up (today was my last day teaching joy school & ballet ended last week), summer officially starting (yeah for warm weather and swimsuits!), Ellie's birthday (my baby is turning 4 next week!), and my anniversary (7 years! we're so awesome)... add in some extra primary responsibilities (hosting a breakfast, and the regular Sunday sharing times, meetings and other stuff), and a hubby who's been out of town...  yes, life's been a little nuts this last week. i always say, life happens in clusters. like you can go in a lull where you are just coasting along and all of a sudden...WHAM! life smacks you in the face with a whole bunch of crazy. good thing most of it right now is fun-crazy, and that i can i have a diet coke (preferably from McDonald's) to see me through, and sometimes i can ditch it all for fun times at the the pool with friends or a night at the farmer's market with my favorite girls.

some recent instagrams to document it all:

joy school cuties:

farmer's market fun:

melting the hot hours away at grandma's pool with some pretty cute people:

looking forward to much more crazy-fun June-ness to come!

up next on the blog: the annual Ellie week (including pictures/video from her cutest ballet recital from this last weekend). yes, she's almost the birthday girl, and boy will she remind you of it! she's basically exploding with excitement, asking 1,000,000,000 times a day if it is her birthday yet. i'm thinking i might go insane by Monday...but it'll be worth it. birthday week is just the best- can't wait to spoil her rotten with some much needed-extra-special- birthday attention and love.



Liz said...

I was just thinking about Ellie's birthday coming up. Can't wait to see what birthday week has in store for that cute little 4 year old!

yay for summer!

Megan said...

June is the best!! and we have a little girl talking about her birthday that's 6 months away. kill. me. now. ;)

Joni and Rico Adams said...

Your June looks like the essence of summer!! I love the summer but find it's SO busy! Lot's of fun but a lot of work. And that pool.... makes me miss my parents more than ever! Soak up the sun missy :)

Lea Tame said...

What's your calling? I'm in primary too!