Monday, April 9, 2012

hip hop to the hippity hop

i love when the awesome old lady raps that "hip hop" part on the Wedding Singer. and that's what always comes to my mind when someone talks about hopping. not bunnies. or Easters (said in a very Mexicano Nacho Libre accent). but the silly meatball-lovin' old lady from the Wedding Singer.

my mind is weird.

but you knew that.

really, though. we had a fun weekend of Easterish activities. but don't you think it gets kind of hard to keep centered on the true meaning of Easter with all these frills and Pagan traditions? (which are so fun! minus egg-dying. did you know that i hate dying eggs? well i do. it totally stresses me out and so i make no mention of such a totally messy-finger-dying mess. i know, what kind of a parent am i? the one that runs this house, that's who. and if i hate dying eggs, we're not dying eggs. that is, until they figure out that's a tradition they want and impose it on me. but until then, i'm wearing the pants on this issue).  what i mean is, how do you hype up the fact that an Easter Bunny is going to come to your house and bring lots of eggs filled with deliciousness, yet maintain that the awesomest part is really about the Savior? i don't have the exact answer to this- but i do know that we talked about it a lot during the week- and then attended church on Sunday and felt an abundance of love as we were reminded over and again of the hope of Jesus Christs' life, death, and resurrection. feeling that hope is the important thing, right? then today when we talked to Gammy about our Easter, Ellie made sure to interject, "but Gammy, Easter is about Jesus." it's pretty sweet when your child says something like that right on cue- and it's kind of hard not to feel a little proud and think "yeah, i taught her that."

but kids must be kids- and so we of course enjoyed all the stuff kids should enjoy (ok i admit i'm kinda feeling bad right here to not be including fun pics of egg-dying and decorating. but not bad enough to go dying my fingertips next year).

the girls loved-

egg hunts:

our Ward Easter Breakfast, where Ellie sang with the Primary for the very first time:

cute baskets left by a thoughtful bunny:

a surprise Easter Box from gammy + pops:

Easter dinner with g&g (the girls MC'd the event):

being dressed up in frills, ruffles, flowers + bows (& being hyperly-sugarly-over-dosed:
*note: the girls are im-possible to get a photo of together right now! Alice is cuh-razzzzy during photo ops. sigh. the candidness will have to do in this stage of life, i presume.

i look at these mostly-un-posed photos from my life and i feel so blessed. so blessed that they are my family. and so blessed that i know because Jesus died and lived again...and continues to live for me and for all of us, that i will be able to live with these beautiful people forever and ever and ever. it makes me get all weepy, really. like i seem to always say these days, life is sweet.

hope your Easter was sweet, too!
(preferably including mini cadbury eggs, reese's eggs, and starburst jelly beans- nothin' but the best. why is Easter Candy so incredibly irresistible and sinful????).



Megan said...

oh Marci, your family is simply beautiful. the pictures of your girls warm my heart. what happy little things! oh, and I think of that lady, too. every time. and I hate dyeing eggs. we don't do it. :) so you are a perfectly good parent :)

Ali and Bryan Packard said...

Oh I am again overwhelmed by the cuteness!! Every time I read your blog I feel the serious need to have a little girl...or two;)

Emily said...

can we go back to the time where i looked darling in a little mermaid nightgown? puh-lease?! such a darling familia, marce. i need to meet these babes one day.

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

marci, that picture of you hugging your two girls is simply priceless.