Wednesday, April 4, 2012

our lately life...

life with the Chapmans, brought to you by my iPhone. love that trusty lil thing. (p.s. sorry all you instagrammers out there. this might just be a lil redundant. but you understand, right?)

visiting the mall a few times in the last week to 1) see the creepy Easter Bunny (Alice kept lookin him up and down- she was skeptical of his creepiness too), 2) to visit the Disney Store for its 25th anniversary, and get a free pair of ears (which we actually mixed, but my sweet friend Liz donated us her pair to avoid melt-downs. thanks Liz!), and 3) to have a girls' outing during the Priesthood Session on Saturday night- which turned out to be a pretty crazy and wild idea with all of those kids. and if i'm being honest, the underlying reason that i find lame excuses to make it to the mall for is really Andersen bakery's Maple Wheat bread. i never leave the mall without at least half of a loaf. seriously irresistible.

conference weekend: Ellie loved seeing the prophet on t.v. they had moments of craziness- but all in all, i was super impressed with their interest and independence which allowed us to soak up some wonderful conference moments. i actually got to listen and feel the spirit a few times- which was pretty miraculous.

yummy food: just some of our conference weekend food (minus the salad- i ate that on Monday after i felt fatter than the blueberry girl on Willy Wonka- but i had to share that photo because that dressing is sooooo yummy).

friends: the girls have such cute little friends. we had an impromptu pizza lunch with some friends here on Monday and Joy School on Tuesday- i love these little people so much. it makes me sad to think of them not being a part of our lives forever and ever. so i'm just not going to think about that anymore.

flying kites: we made some silly rinky-dink kites during joy school this week. the girls are ob-sessed. don't you think it's funny how you can make something for seriously nothing (like trash materials hoarded around the house) and it is the biggest hit? like a bigger hit than a toy or candy or a $20 bill? these girls have spent the past two days laughing their heads off with these scrappy lil kites. hearing your kids' laughs does a mama's heart good.

jumping on the bed: this also is the simplest silly thing and these little girls stayed up almost an hour past their bedtime because they were in heaven and so happy and cute and i couldn't bare to be the one to call an end to it. now they want to jump on the bed every night for an hour and it isn't good (ahhhhH!)- but it was a really fun moment that made me feel like a cool mom for once. 

random moments playing around the house: Alice is recently obsessed with Ellie's soft Rapunzel doll, which Ellie freaks out about every 3 seconds,  Ellie loves wearing her bunny ears, pretending to be the Easter Bunny, both girls are recently obsessed with empty laundry baskets (which used to hold clothes that the girls had grown out of but that i finally organized. yessss), Alice loves sitting like a big girl at the table, Ellie still loves to dress up, Alice is finally catching the dress-up bug and loves to wear heels and my sneakers (gross), and Ellie used an entire quiet time to set up her doll-house TV with an audience of Princesses to watch a show. "Mom, they really love TV, even during the week," she said. well that's good for them, i said back.

things are simple, yet hectic, yet fun, yet stressful, yet messy, yet beautiful. life is full.



Jenny said...

Your kids are so cute. This post made me want to go to the mall again...I have been so preoccupied with Mrs. Fields I have never even heard of this bread place. And the impromptu pizza lunch was probably the highlight of my week. Why are you thinking about not being with your friends forever I have to ask!? Please don't tell me you are thinking about moving :(

Allie said...

I'm with Jenny on everything she said. You aren't allowed to ever move. I just made that rule, but I'm sticking to it.

Linda said...

I know I have not responded to all the previous posts~ Sorry. I " oooo~ and ahhhh" and laugh and even get teary as I see the girlies growing up so fast and in such a delightfully fun loving home. The chaos looks divine to me~ but I remember how I felt at times~ like one day would melt into another and sometimes me with the day! It is HARD work to be a full time homemaker! You do it beautifully > I love all your friends! I want to give them all hugs and their little ones that are so darling! I devoured all the pictures of smiles, dress ups, play groups, yummy foods, tender moments all captured by my ever observant little girl with the curl. Thank You for that. I am off~ not without saying how much I love and miss you.
Nos hablamos prontito. Un abrazote mi Marci bella. Besitos a todos!