Friday, March 30, 2012


it goes without saying that Ellie is a little mini-me. i took this picture of her dressed up in Rapunzel because she made this flower crown out of all of her bows - i love how creative she is. when i asked to take her picture, she said, "i'm going to look out the window at the leaves for Pascal," and then she gazed stoically to our yard. such a drama queen. when i saw the picture, it kind of freaked me out because it reminded me of a picture i have of myself -- i think i've shown you that before- but let me show it again. it's from when i was about 4 or 5 dressing up as Dorothy- i was obsessed (is loving to dress up genetic?).

 kind of crazy, right?

i have always thought that Alice looked just like M when he was a baby. here's one of my favorite baby pictures of M (on the left), next to a couple of Alice (couldn't find one that exactly matched).

(Ellie just said to me "baby Daddy looks like baby Alice. but Daddy is a boy and Alice isn't a boy. that's weird.")

here's another one that's a more recent resemblance:

put some lil piggies on that M, and it'd be hard to tell which was which. am i right, or am i imagining it?

(side note: oh man, M was the cutest little boy. i hope hope hope there's a little boy that cute up there waiting for us.)

then yesterday, Alice was playing in the kitchen with the tupperware. she looked up at me and gave me this crinkled-nose-fake-smile and i kind of freaked out then. "she does look like me!" (i am kind of famous in my fam for the the crinkled-nose-fake-smile). and so i grabbed my phone and tried to recreate the moment. it wasn't quite as good, but still close (the one on the left with the funky linoleum and retro ruffle outfit is obviously me. the 80's were awesome).

why does it make us feel so good when our kids look like us? kind of weird, right? i think it just gives me relief that there is no way there was any baby mix-ups in the hospital (phew). also it's pretty cool to finally see the faces that you've wondered your whole life about- "will my kids have my nose? will any have my annoying crazy hair? what color will their eyes be? will one of them do my crinkled-nose-fake-smile someday?"

though i'm positive that even if they didn't have a single thing of mine i'd love 'em just as much. cutest little punks on the planet.

happy weekend! 



Elyse.Beard said...

So what I forgot To say above Was that you guys can come visit any time. For reals

Amber said...

I totally understand where you're coming from, Marce. Right now I'm freaking out over the slight curliness of my baby's hair. "Maybe she'll have curly hair!" I know it's silly, but we really do want that physical evidence that we carried that baby around in our tummies and they belong to US. Silly.

Ashley said...

First of all, Blair and I have been sitting here reading your TV post absolutely cracking up! So funny. Blair keeps saying, "Look at her girls!! They are so cute!" Can we clone them?

Also, I think it is caraazzzy how much Ellie looks like you.

Lastly, solitary laugh lady scared the crap out of me.

Mat and Brooke said...

I think you're spot-on with your observances on who your girls resemble! It's amazing to me how much Ellie looks like you, and Alice looks like Mike! I think it's pretty rare to have children that look as much like their parents as your girls do; especially Ellie. She is SO lucky!

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

i've always loved how well you document your life marce. seriously, i wish i had your talent for documenting. i'm a little lazy i guess but my goal is to someday record memories the way you do so my children, grand children etc etc can enjoy a little fam hist if you know what i mean:) i sure do love you and your identical twin daughter! xoxo