Thursday, April 12, 2012

looking forward to...

a few things you should know about me:
i like to sing in the car really loudly.
i like to paint my nails red.
i like to give peace-signs.
i like to make lists.
i like to have something to look forward to, to get me through the rainy days, the long weeks apart from my family, and the sometimes lonely moments of being a stay-at-home-mom.

a list of some things i'm looking forward to on this rainy Northern-California afternoon:

a. not making dinner tonight. because i just don't feel like it. ever have those kinds of nights?
b. American Idol tonight. this season is sooo good. i'm totally in love with Colton and Phillip Phillips. like i voted for them 20 times each last night. i probably shouldn't admit things like that since i'm not a 14-year-old boy-crazy girl where things like voting 20 times for an AI contestant is considered normal and acceptable behavior. oh well.
c. Zumba tonight with friends. have i mentioned here that i bought a Zumba pass with some friends? well i did. it is so fun and funny. i may be Cuban but i definitely got jipped on the Latin-hip-movement abilities. it's the one moment that i'm glad that i don't look as Cuban as i feel sometimes. i'd be a huge disgrace to my people.
d. sunshine... we have 70 degree + weather starting on Saturday and i can't wait to soak it up...this rain is starting to wear on me. there's only so much cold, rainy bleakness you can take!
e. our free eating day on Saturday. we are trying really hard to eat 0 sugar during the week and eat super duper healthy on top of that. we've been doing it for several weeks now, but by Thursday and Friday, i'm ready for donuts and waffles drenched in syrup and leftover Easter candy that as been taunting me like a toothache.
f. on that deliciously greasy free-day food note: an In-N-Out is opening in my city! did you know i have to drive anywhere between 30 & 40 minutes to go get In-N-Out deliciousness? and that In-N-Out didn't open in Utah until after i moved? i know, i'm so deprived. our In-N-Out on schedule to open in the next month or two, and i can't wait to spend many-a-Saturday-free day there, and gain a few extra pounds while i'm at it. mmmm In-N-Out.
g. Ellie not needing my help to wipe her bum. how long does this last? i mean, really.
h. my parents/sis coming to visit the end of this month (you're still coming, right mom?).
i. not breaking out anymore. i mean really. why do i have the biggest (and most painful) zit of my life on my cheek right now, along with several others? when will this madness end?
j. going on a temple date with M next week. i don't know how so much time passes between each of our visits- ahhgh! i'm definitely ready for a good spiritual boost.
k. a haircut. for me and the girls. my friend just had her girls get hair cuts and it really made me realize that my girls' hair is looking a little mangy. i don't think Ellie has had a haircut in well over a year. and Alice has never had one. and it's been over 6 months since i had one. yeah, we all are looking a little unkept. i don't know why haircuts overwhelm me so much, but they do (i think it's mostly the $$ factor). but it's on my looking-forward-to list because i love the way we all look and feel with new cuts...i love being freshened up!
l. Jason Mraz and John Mayer's new Cd's coming out next month. yesss! i'm in desperate need of new music and those are two of my faves. anyone have some new good listens to keep me tied over till then? my ipod is in need of a good music make-over.
m. our every-other-year-traditional Mexico Vacation with M's family...3 weeks from yesterday! (though i'm not looking forward to my white-un-swimsuit-ready-body to make it's 2012 debut.........maybe i shouldn't look forward to my free eating days so much...) laying on the beach while sipping on a pina colada is sounding so heavenly right now. annnnd, seeing cute little ruffle bums in swimsuits sounds pretty awesome too.
n. running in San Francisco's Color Run this summer. some friends and i formed a team (team name: "Is Butter a Carb?") to run this awesome event- i can't wait to look like i "fell into a Willy Wonka..tie dyed...vat of colored goodness" (that's a direct quote from their website. awesome).
o. Ellie's 4th birthday- yes! she's turning 4! nuts, i tell you. and we have some fun ideas turnin' over here. can't wait.
p. another Southern Cal visit- though we don't have one on the books yet. but home is sounding rather nice right now. i've tried the whole clicking your heels thing, but it turns out Dorothy may have been hallucinating when she did that.

and i think that's it for today. because making it to Z would be crazy, and because the girls are running in circles around here........ making disastrous messes....and it's only 5:44 pm. (really?) i guess i could add bedtime to that list too. in the most loving-mom-sort-of-way.


p.s. a birthday shout out to my big brother, Sean! love you- wish i could make you a BTS cake and listen to you play some Radiohead jams on that new guitar.


Elyse.Beard said...

A. I am super stoked about in n out. Like way. I could eat two burgers every run, but talk myself into only one.


C. Super impressed you guys go no sugar during the week. Wish I could do that.

D. You are awesome

Jenny said...

this post made me smile because i am looking forward to most of those things too! except i wish i was looking forward to mexico. can i come in your suitcase? that would only be a little bit weird.

i have been wanting to talk to you about AI and i am so happy to hear we love the same people. I haven't voted in about 3 years but I was thisclose last night because Philip had a bad night and I was worried for him. Ha.

Liz said...

I'm glad you girls got all signed up for the color run. Wish I could join the fun.
I always love reading your posts and this one made me smile too.

Can't wait to start me some Zumba.

Megan said...

you're neat :)

I agree wholeheartedly with the wiping bum thing. seriously!

your parties are always awesome. I think you should 100% submit Alice's cute circus party. loved it.

this post was darling. wishing I was as clever as you.

Allie said...

Seriously. Reading my mind on all this. So I guess I will see you in Mexico? Was I invited on this trip?

Also the fact that you voted for Philly Phil 20 times last night, just moved you up a notch on my awesome list. And who doesn't want to move up a notch on my awesome list. (Notice there was no question mark on that one. :))

Linda said...

What a sad life this would be if we did not have wonderful things to look forward to~ and to hope for!It's what keeps me chugging along every day and sometimes hour to hour or even minute to minute. I start hoping and looking forward to seeing you again the second a see your car disappear around the corner each time you leave. Yes~ I am still trying to come but as always there are obstacles ~ sigh~ I might have to come without Mimi, and during the week only for and in~out whirlwind visit. I'll call u! Muah!

Bass Family said...

i love good music! And so here are some bands that i love that you might as well.
Muse. One Republic.
Switchfoot (especially their new stuff, Dark Horses and Afterlife) Adelle, The Decemberists, Coldplay, Florence + The machine, Fun. (but one of their songs has swears... just fyi)
Jack and White (their song night after night is wonderful.)
Brandon Flowers, seriously if you don't have his music you need it. Listen to Crossfire if you don't belive me.
Well i hope some of those are new for you and you can enjoy them! A lot of them have awesome sing out loud in the car songs. ;)